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Anexea 07-10-2012 15:50

Saucy Days

-Saucy Days-

Pomeranian Hot Dogs on the Grill
Sellin' Cheesecake for my Mother
Sunday Mornings, Hidden Sunlight
I dance in the Autumn Leaves
I cry among the flowers
The goats scream for aid
I vend cheesecake for my Mother
Sweet sunday morning blood.

James Cougar Mellencamp

DontResistDeath 07-15-2012 01:40

"I cried." -Oscar Overton

IluminatI 08-04-2012 19:51

"liquid is a nab" - IluminatI

DontResistDeath 08-10-2012 05:47


Originally Posted by IluminatI (Post 11740255)
"liquid is a nab" - Everyone


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