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KaneTheDevil 10-04-2007 14:30

Where are you ~ChaosZer0|X|~ ?

sharpshooter 10-04-2007 14:35


Originally Posted by KaneTheDevil (Post 6423272)
Where are you ~ChaosZer0|X|~ ?

Valkyrie 10-04-2007 14:42

cannot find cassy and satine =(

KaneTheDevil 10-04-2007 14:45


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 6423342)
cannot find cassy and satine =(

Pepped you back :)

sk8r 10-04-2007 15:02

PEP LOLLLLL...I gotta pay back some few people but i gotta spread rep me ill rep u right away so yeah ! Aman wants repppp LOLLLLL 1500 :D:D atm i wonder how much rep i give.

Lord-Doom (gl) 10-04-2007 15:13

ok i pepped some random ppl ^^

Cry 10-04-2007 15:14

mercinary likes men :)

Hand 10-04-2007 15:28

1881 reputation.

Pep list as of yet:

Rep unreturned as yet: Kamui, Pramathius, kuh`tec(Volcano,40), d0m1n4tr1x, edy-dark, Blacky, trauma, HaNdSoMe, ChaosZer0|X|, ananta, Jason, MetTear, Daed(Diamond), Valkyrie, Jacob, andii(Mercury), Zyika(Sagi), SpyroCrash, tehOri, Hym V.5, xxxkilikxxx(Mars), DenuM, PrincessMandie, Leto, Kamui, Alastriona, mrsrctc(Thunder), Rebmes(Mars), trigeki, DarkRage(Lightning), Pockets, Åtlantis, DustiJade, StarleT, Anka, Satine, .***8224;Brandøn***8224;., sharpshooter, Fire_Opal, trent28o^^, Tecuh, 25 anonymous, 1 special anonymous

jengis 10-04-2007 15:49


HamSupLo 10-04-2007 15:52


Originally Posted by Hand (Post 6423622)
1881 reputation.

Pep list as of yet:

Wow, amazing list..., 67 people to +rep back :rolleyes:

trigeki 10-04-2007 16:08

I repped back just about every person that repped me if only I had such a big list of people to rep back then it would mean I have more reps then 1010 =P

Valkyrie 10-04-2007 16:09


scotty g 10-04-2007 16:38


Psychedelic 10-04-2007 16:52

66 now, i pepd more people (i pep'd sumeshi but didnt put name i hit enter by accident) -_-

Taavi 10-04-2007 16:56


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 6423888)

needa wait til i can rep u again lol...

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