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DustiJade 09-22-2007 19:47

nice thread ya got goin here lol:D

Pramathius 09-22-2007 19:52

Meanies! Rep Prama! :D

[ Lmao so annoying :rolleyes: ]

HatSchiPu 09-22-2007 20:03

Give me MORE


Pramathius 09-22-2007 20:03

Nooooooooooooooooooo Unless Ppl Pep Me Tooooooo!!!!

jengis 09-22-2007 20:11

Rep me and ill rep you back just tell me your name :)

LetoKynes 09-22-2007 20:24

1311 :p

§witch22 09-22-2007 20:33

Show off.

Enigma 09-22-2007 20:34

Rep'd all that I could! 773

Suga 09-22-2007 20:46

wow i've been gone for a while, but i'm back now


repped people on this page

HamSupLo 09-22-2007 20:57

Gave back peps to those I owed.


Oblivinator 09-22-2007 21:08

1051 rep points. People I owe rep to:

Hand(spread), Bobo(maybe), Sumeshi(spread), Unclassified, Taavi, Kada, JAMES_P321, Trilok, trauma, HamSupLo, blessguy, suga, Alastriona and apparently missyspark(spread) as well. Someone repped me and left no name ;o.

Holy bajesus my list is starting to get huge D:. I think I may have even missed some people lol. Keep getting quite a bit of rep every so many hours xD. I'll rep people in a bit.

Attila_123 09-22-2007 21:15

1090 rep.

Repped back all I could find, still have 4 people to go.

mercenary 09-22-2007 21:19

so yeah
owe rep to:
(can't find posts by them)

@cry weren't you just in chitchat talking **** about this thread?:rolleyes:

HaNdSoMe 09-22-2007 21:28

347 now :D
More and more rep pls xD

Respectful 09-22-2007 21:45

172, I give 8-9 points so rep me and leave a name and ill rep back :)

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