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devilishlykatt 05-19-2008 18:23

She Wants Revenge-Out Of Control

We've got nowhere to go, we've got nothing to prove
Instead of dancing alone, I should be dancing with you
This song is turning me on, the beat is doing me in
Or maybe it's only you, but either way let's begin

notstrider 05-19-2008 18:30

Beastie Boys - Hey **** You

You're like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam
You're just yellin' and wildin' wondering who I am
With those lies you're telling you look like Toucan Sam
But my style's impregnable like the Hoover Dam

notstrider 05-19-2008 18:34

David Bowie - Magic Dance

**** YEAH

FauxV.7 05-19-2008 19:59


Originally Posted by notstrider (Post 8231036)
David Bowie - Magic Dance

**** YEAH


Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:21

Hysteria - Triton Enigma

Necro_Abyss 05-19-2008 20:26


Originally Posted by Off Topic (Post 8231567)
Hysteria - Triton Enigma

time to gain control of this topic again :cool:

Necronoclast - Degeneration

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:27

Domestic Violence - Grind Minded

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:31

The Vampire Song - Kekal

Necro_Abyss 05-19-2008 20:31

Intestinal Disgorge - Vomiting Fecal Paste

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:33

Don't Ask - Demon Dog Sperm

Necro_Abyss 05-19-2008 20:34

Amon Amarth - Where Death Seems To Dwell

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:37

Behind The Church - One Man Army and the Undead Quartet

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:43

Satyrlasis and Nymphomania - Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis

Off Topic 05-19-2008 20:49

Christ, the time has come for your ending.
Do not look at us for mercy
For you are the one who should not be pitied.

Your ignorant teachings disgust me
And the stench of your sermons still reeks from your pores
I despise you, yet I once envied you.
Your god given right, abused and mistreated
As though it were a gift for any simple man
When its power could reshape the face of creation
And exalt a new race of life free from imperfection.

This existence was a mistake.

And in the middle of the holocaust
You committed a rebellion in direct treason.
For your existence is worthless
And to correct the aberrations you've made
Your subsistence will be shunned
Into the furthest reaches of infinite darkness
Where you will await your final conclusion.
The one you call father will be there
To abolish the remnants of your soul.

Christ, the time has come for your ending.
Do not look at us for mercy
For you are the one who should not be pitied.
Thrown onto the altar of sanctified dissolution.

Christ pleads for his life.
Showing no levity
The Apostles violently tear at his living flesh.
The feast is an orgy of sacred dismemberment.
The faint screams now fade
As the life slips from his body.
Still ripping and devouring the flesh left on the corpse
Judas stands back and admires the beautiful orchestration
With a sickening grin as the life seeps into his mind.
"It has been done Lord, Christ is no more."

brokenbones 05-19-2008 22:11

Flowbots-no handlebars

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