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sumusiko 09-13-2009 13:00

Add Friends Bug + Mentor Xp
Ok .

I tried to add many friends iun my friend list i sent the invitation and they accepted , but in my friend list they doesnt show up... idk why.

2scnd.- i trained my water tai till 40 im mentor since lvl 1 and still i dont get any reward....

Vocandin 09-13-2009 13:11

should be posted in bugs area not on newcomer's harbor O.O

Mishoo 09-13-2009 13:40

same happening to me... i ive my n00b ninja as apperentice.. and i lvled it to lvl 46 and didnt get not even 0.001 exp :S

Weatherwax 09-13-2009 15:47

1) I think the maximum number of friends any character can have is 50. How many friends are on your list, and how many on the list of the person you are trying to add?

2) The rewards for mentoring really low-level characters are so small that they don't show on my mentor lists. It gets more worthwhile at higher levels, don't panic until you get it to L100+ and still nothing shows.

mangaflames 09-13-2009 16:22

Also you will not get reward if the lvling is coming from team exp!

CindyZ 09-16-2009 00:27

I remember that I have replied you in bug section.

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