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mangaflames 07-21-2009 10:25

Market Nado vs Promotion Nado
So i rember reading somewhere that the nado in the market was weaker then the nado you get from the job center.. i dont know if this is true or just a joke i missed out on.... so help me out guys... Thx

GOD†PHISH 07-21-2009 12:21

as far as i know the only diff between those s r market u get at 89 n promo u haf 2 be 90 never heard about weaker atk

Jadagrail 07-21-2009 13:33

It's an erroneous rumor akin to the one that was concocted when lotto +8's came out. People would claim that making a +9 using the "old" way would yield an item with higher stats than one using lotto items.

The stats for the two nado skills are identical except for when you can learn it, as PHISH said.

theRationalOne 07-23-2009 07:34

Just a rumor.. A really stupid one.

Doc.ackerson 07-23-2009 13:03

79 and 80 ?

Toxicosis 07-23-2009 17:31

The same spell . . !

Jadagrail 07-23-2009 18:01


Originally Posted by Doc.ackerson (Post 10600010)
79 and 80 ?

I believe it's acquired through the promo center at 80, but you reach 160+ spirit at 79 and you can purchase it from the market.

CindyZ 08-01-2009 03:58

I believe it's just a rumor. They are the same spell.

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