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Evelyin 12-27-2012 16:14

Vidsters Opening - Vidsters Needed!
Dear Players!

We currently have Vidster openings for anyone who is interested in joining our team. What is a vidster? A vidster is a player volunteer that helps out GMs check video bot reports that is reported by other players.


- Clean record of cheats/bots
- Substantial level of Reborn 120+
- Respectable and experienced in detecting cheats/bots
- Fairness in opinions
- Not playing in cafe
- Must not have private IP
- Must be able to view videos

If you fit this description then, Please send an email to me at: with your Character Name/Account ID/ ALL Servers/IP address and a brief explanation why you would want to join the team.
Make sure that the email subject is "VIDSTER VOLUNTEER"
Note: Your Game character IP and Vidster Forum IP will be later checked and if it does not match, You cannot join the team.

Please note that you will not be viewing videos in your server group and all guidelines and rules must be followed.

Best Regards,

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