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Jerri 11-24-2009 10:03

I would like following items:

1. Super +12 2 socket Earrings
2. Super +12 2 socket Towers
3. Super +12 2 socket Fans
4. Super +12 2 socket Necklaces
5. Super +12 2 socket Rings
6. Super +12 2 socket Boots
7. Super +12 2 socket Bracelets
8. Super +12 2 socket Bags
9. Super +12 Steeds
10. Exp potions.

ArNer 11-24-2009 10:07


Originally Posted by PanicAtTheDisco (Post 10847222)
exp pots, mets/met scrolls. NOTHING insane like we saw at chaos time

Why mets and met scrolls ? just leave TC and you get some very easily. Or, if you are too lazy, sell DBs for money, and buy them in the market (making live some droppers)

Dragonhunter98 11-24-2009 10:19

No exemption tokens, let people work for the quest. ( also remove it from lotto)
No nightdevil, it can be found in dis keep it that way.

I would say.

clean water, since yah need 200 pot to even kill that mob
ref gems, same rate as it used to be was always too expensive anyway.
miraculous gourd, else i cant even get it without doing lotto
magic bottle, else i cant even get it without doing lotto
scrolls, also for stonegate
lucky amulet

Furthermore remove from lotto:
2nd rb tokens
2 soc items

i dont care 4 people got 1 item now, as long as not everyone gets full 2 soc in no time at all. 2 soc really ruins my mood to play.

dilBo <3 11-24-2009 10:39


Originally Posted by ArNer (Post 10847220)
I guess it is to enable paypalers to sell theme against money, this is a good idea, it enables exchange between paypalers and non paypalers, or more generally, cps owners and money owners, therefor opening lotto to money owners which is a good thing.

What's wrong with "CP owners" selling 27 CPs to other people, as it is now?

ThuggLife 11-24-2009 11:00


ArNer 11-24-2009 11:12


Originally Posted by dilBo <3 (Post 10847273)
What's wrong with "CP owners" selling 27 CPs to other people, as it is now?

It adds an intermediate state (get CPs), I would ask, what's wrong with directly buying a lotto ticket with money ?

Noxette~10 11-24-2009 15:27


Originally Posted by itachi183 (Post 10846425)
Super 2 Socket +12 packs for tao, ninja, warrior, archer, and trojan they contain all armour 2socked super+12 with super gems socketed in of their choice

but seriously:

put like:

Flower packs (orchids, lillies, roses even) PEOPLE BUY THE SHYT OUT OF THESE YOULL MAKE SO MUCH MONEY

I'm trying to think of the items that least affect gameplay, but if you're going to add gems or armor in AT MOST do normal gems, and ref/unique packs of armor, and that's it, otherwise I'm pretty sure half the server is insta-quit if you add something like elite or ref gems

No night devil. Keep that **** rare.

anderson1983 11-24-2009 15:38

none items

dbs only is enough.

otherwise its not classic ...

ooooopps sorry its not classic after all.:p

Shorek 11-24-2009 16:00

-Exp Potions
-Meteors (I'd prefer higher rate of MetZone drops)

Thechosenone 11-24-2009 17:15

Rofl already talking about a shopping rush for cco wow you guys suck. (TQ)

ShootTheMoonlig 11-24-2009 18:19

lol this is a joke.

Desi#2 11-24-2009 19:31

Please no Exemption Tokens..

Make people WORK to be 2nd rb.

**** will be sexier that way.

skyscan 11-24-2009 20:19


Originally Posted by Beyrone (Post 10846347)
Don't forget garments, and perhaps horses since they don't lift up stats that much anymore due to potency being removed, or atleast disabled in pvp?

horses give a lot of hp. so i'm going to have to disagree with you on that 1.

For the shopping rush in 1.0:
~ninja amulets
~over priced penitence amulets
~over priced refined tortoise gems (not OTHER gems)
~reduced priced flowers
~over priced mets

meanno 11-24-2009 20:45

NO shopping rush.


~Riceballs~ 11-24-2009 20:47


Originally Posted by Lotak (Post 10846652)
Anything that people can earn good money from should NOT be put on sale. These include Meteors, dbs, gems, Night Devil and House permits/upgrades.

These items should not be included because they help regulate the economy. Why did the price of mets crash in Oct 07? Because everyone got dozens from the Halloween quest. Why did the price of socketed gear crash in 08? Because everyone was able to get socketed gear. Why did the price of moonboxes crash? Because everyone was able to win moonboxes. Why did the price of house permits crash? Because everyone was able to win house permits.

The only profitable item, if one must be, that *should* be included is an exp pot or ball, and at then they shouldn't be *too* cheap. This will be of great help to those levelling. Other items that could be included are garments (because no one cares about those), flowers, dances, bombs, black tulips, disguise amulets, life fruit baskets and PK amulets and possibly an exemption token.

If TQ have any decency they will NOT include the items said above (mets, ND etc..) in the sale list. Even IF people want them, its only because they are thinking of the short term benefit rather than the long term benefit.


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