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Seldin 07-24-2013 05:31

Conquer 2.0 showing error?
I have this error it says The server is busy please try another server or wait 20 seconds and try again!*1 Its writed just like that i login in avilable servers like eagle and other avilable servers i never go in busy servers or not working servers. Please help i want to play it! :(

Sulym 03-04-2014 08:49

I've been playing Conquer for the past couple weeks without much problem but within the last week I'll be playing and the game would just freeze/crash whatever it is.. The game won't respond and I'll be forced to close it and then if I tried opening Conquer again or try to restart my computer I'll just get a black screen and have to push the power button to turn off my computer then to start again. I tried different graphics settings, tried using my integrated graphics card instead, reinstalled, etc. Nothing fixes it and I checked the debug log and this line is always present whenever it crashes.


StartRegisterTime <= PreEndGameTime in section [t29] key [Enter1] at e:\cq2client\cq2client-63.5\3drole\activitymgr.cpp, 647 -- Tue Mar 04 12:53:53 2014
Any ideas??

P.S. I'm in the Windows XP/SP 2 compatibility mode right now and the problem doesn't exist.. But it is very slow and makes me want to play other games.

amado84 03-17-2014 13:36

Mouse Pointer
I have win 7 - 32bit and i have a problem with mouse pointer , its not shown on the game ... so i can't move .. waiting reply
thanks for help :)

king-ju 06-29-2014 05:54

Hello guys, i tryed to log back after maybe 1 year, first all was too slowly, low fps, big ping...

Now i got a good ping, and good fps, but only if i am alone in my screen... If i go near other people, my fps fall from 40 to 05....

Any suggestions ?

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