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Numba1Stunna 02-27-2007 12:51

Detta's Story
ok so i must start with a lil bit of a warning if you plan on complaining why dont you just go read a different thread and save your breath cuz i wont respond!!!!

my name is vendetta aka ven aka detta! my story starts like this it has taken me maybe like 5 days just to even get my forum name to work mainly because i am stupid and deleted the email that they send you to activate it how cool is that but ok so once you do that you cant register another one on your same email so after all that confusion i had to then make a whole new email since i didnt know how to unregister partailly cuz im a noob and partially cuz the forum makes no sense half the people dont even know how to sign out! any way with that being said i will forwarn everyone that i blab alot and talk about random nothing topics, why you ask, cuz well i can and people seem to like it. My spelling and grammar is horrible and i dont care to correct it so if you dont liek it dont read it. I think its now time to tell you all how i started in this game. i was yes one of the many girl friends out there that nagged her bf to get off of co! lol old days after all that i started to watch on lion server and occasionally play when my hubby hex permitted it. slowly i liked it as we all get wrapped up in co and well i switched to snowfall where my legendary character detta was made. i then switched to frog price during the last split and then took a break cuz i moved out of state and i am currently not playing atm. since i have been gone i have heard such horrible things about many of my friends about hacking and botting and wat ever else is going on i havent got a clue why cuz im not on. ive also heard of some changes that co has made such as the lottery and i have no idea wat else so yea i would like to hear from people who know me as well as who dont know me wat in the world is going on! in any case i would like to say hello to all of my friends on FP and SF i miss you like crazy and im glad to those of u who have emailed me to keep me updated.

any way i am sure i will have plenty more things to blabber about seeing as i talk non stop simply cuz thats the way my brain works
so until i hear from someone or get bored enough to type again i will be seeing ya

ps: i will be finishing my story as i see fit hahahahah ;)

gods_pinky 02-27-2007 13:07

omg detta ure back, this is awsum :D

Numba1Stunna 02-27-2007 13:12

errrr ummm ummmm ummmm lil confused but hey wasnt that always my best trait lmfao wat now! you know how it is i couldnt stay gone forever i love my peeps here on co and btw people i do have peeps, also god wat else can i say but DETTA IS LIKE THE NEW BLACK UH DUH!!!! lol

Numba1Stunna 02-27-2007 13:18

update this just in.....
ok so i can clear up a bit of confusion from some of my friends who are reading this thread i am not quite back seeing as i am at a library just to use the net see the thing is atm we live at hex grandfathers house cuz we are moving back up to mn by may so umm we dont have net cuz well you know how old gramps can be they have to think bout every option ans every question that might arise before they can pick a wireless service or even regular net needless to say hes slow at it so it will be a lil bit before i am full back but if you like i will post here always and you can always look for me on forums as well as send me emails why would you do that you ask well hell im detta for 1 and 2 im hella hotness any way switchipoo it is hella good to see you and i am glad you are one of the many people who i will be having to catch up with!!! till the cuteness that is me returns......

gods_pinky 02-27-2007 13:22


Numba1Stunna 02-27-2007 14:13

so i have yet but a few questions for those of you in BOC on the SF server i have heard soem things about liek monk2 and quite a few others who left boc for awhile then came back just curious you know wat happened? yea just wanted to check into all that i would like to share some more stories with all of you but i feel that if i do more then 1 a day ppl might think im crazy not that i wuold care but i guess my fingers need a break from typing as well as my brain from its non stop process of thinking

peace love and chicken grease

Secret Weapon 02-27-2007 14:19

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I'm detta's bestest friend. She even admitted it.

Masa > all of you

Ask her yourself :cool:


HEARTLESSMOTHER 02-27-2007 16:48

lol yep thats detta, ramble ramble ramle, you spamzor.

yall do know dettas lips move when shes typing, and bobs her head left to right like a blonde with wiplash.

i r db buyer
i r *******
i r dettas bud
i r out

_T.J._ 02-27-2007 18:54

WB DETTA!! sorta... We miss ya!

and to heart's reply... i loled

JarHead 02-27-2007 19:21

Welcome back, get your butt back in game. Yes i did leave for a bit, just got fed up with some stupid stuff. But u know me, i cant stay away from BOC for to long, its family. And yes beat me later, i did divorce you to marry my noob, needed to do some quick lvling on her. Anyways, i look forward to your return. More to come.

gods_pinky 02-28-2007 00:53

sup TJ, still with that canadian chick lol??

Numba1Stunna 02-28-2007 12:11

so well i thought today i would start out by telling everyone that it is only 2 days before i will be back on CO to cause you all a hard time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! so yes tj you may welcome me back cuz im commin back full throttle and imma raise hell yes yes yes!!! ne way imma make another reply to my fans and friends here in a minute i just figured for one second you should all be aware that i amon my way home to be back with all you co people any way im going to start my story of detta in just a mintue so you stay tuned.

TO HEARTYS RESPONSE: you are damn skippy i talk out loud and bob my head hell thats wat the detta is allabout but dont hate cuz you know you crave my idiocy who wouldnt!!!!!

Numba1Stunna 02-28-2007 12:22

Story time
to any one who might have ever corssed my path.......

My story will start like this... On my char detta who i had hardly played at the time i was a little bit sad, why you ask, simply cause i had no friends. I had beenin the guild ba on a different char where i mostly just listened but because of my relation to my husband Hexion and my rl friendship with the char Cyno well i was kicked. After that i was pretty quiet in every guild cuz well people just werent friendly until one day in tc i was gettin ready to quit for good when i saw Blood, the guild leader of the past guild EE. He wasnt by any means wat you people would all call godly but well he was higher lvl then me and i thought he looked cool simply cuz of the cool Blue color of his armor. So i told him he looked neat and he asked me to join his guild and i figured wat the heck might as well. i will never forget that day 3-2-1 WELCOME DETTA! everyone there was so friendly and i made an unspeakable bond with many people in that guild. Surely enough it wasnt long till the server was splitting to cancer and well i was torn in going with cyno and hex or staying with my newly found family. In the end i convinced hex to stay with me and join ee. It was great cuz not to soon after that i was DL. I had plenty of friends and the guild well lets just say i was like the mascot they loved me! i became close with many such as Dream aka charr, Zimmy, Nickage, gonnadie, Gorot, switch22, and many who liked me. I always helped people and plvled using hexion and of course the story that i still get made fun of for i used scatter in bi while on pk and killed all my nooby guild members yea red named in a place where people hunt for my hexi! Not a good start but hey it was a good laugh.

Numba1Stunna 02-28-2007 12:35

continued story in ee
ike i was saying it was a funny story and well i atill get made fun of for it cuz well it was one of my better blonde moments. I was good to my guildies if they needed help or asked for sumthing i was right there to help them but mostly i went to wat everyone knows as moon platform aka luna. I went there alot to think and well to watch my guild chat. I was a good dl or so my guildies told me. I even had a notebook that contained every member in our guild their stats, gear, lvl, age, how often they played, and even personal things about there life outside the game. I took interest in them because i cared. People tell me i have way to much time on my hands but for me it was simply because these people mattered as well as the guild and its well being. I soon made a friend in that guild that my fellow friend hearty also came to hate. He was a good friend but caused me problems, and in the end he was my reason for leaving the guild 2 times in a row. He would lie to me telling my blood and other members hated me and said things when i wasnt on. And i wont lie it hurt prolly mostly cause i am a female and well like any other girl i get emotional. I for my lack of jugement believed this member because of the trust i had in him and then later grew to despise him. but wat ended my time in ee was blood. It was about the time that as many of you know the story between buchanan, reanna, and banshee, and all about their divorce (i wont go into further details on the matter cuz its not my place) but during that time something somewat similar happened wiuth hex me and blood. Hex got on my char and was joking with blood on y character while i was standing behind hex watching blood told him that he was going to talk to me about hex getting on my char. When he did he told me that he would take my DL if i didnt take away access to detta from hex. For me this was crap no one was gonna tell me wat to do with my own character and with my rl bf. So sadly i walked away from EE and everyone that i cared about some were mad, others didnt understand, and some just didnt care. So i decided tobe by myself.

Numba1Stunna 02-28-2007 12:37

I went guildless and was alone and hurt. This is all i am going to say for today simply because well i have wrote far more then maybe i should have but next time that i do write may it be an hour from now or a few days..... i will talk about my wanderings alone and my final move to BOC.

I miss you all.... and a few more days and you will have me back!!!

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