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Fairygirl590 08-27-2008 21:26

Server merge- Cerberus and Gryphon
I have been told via email this will be taken seriously and this is where i should post it.

This server merge is a big problem for a lot of people in the cerberus sever. Here are some reasons why it will force some people to quit.

1. I live in australia along with a large number of people from cerberus, already our ping on idle movement is 250 or there abouts, forcing us into a server with more people hence doubling the number of people logged in, will dc us constantly and lag us to the point where playing and Guildwar is pointless.

The reason me and my friends (and probably the rest of the australians) chose cerberus is becuase its low on the number of players which gives us better gameplay.

2. I'm sure a lot of u would know how i feel when i say i've spent a lot of money on this game and quitting is the last thing i want to do, not to mention how disgusted i would be with this company if they forced their income to quit.

3. Market prices/ nobility ranks everything is set at a major disadvantage for us in cerberus. If you check the prices in Gryphon, they are much higher which means our nobility ranks which have been so hard to get to as it is will be pushed aside to a richer server whom has double our donations.

This topic is so TQ can fully understand us if we do not want to merge, All fellow Cerberus players can post here what they think. Please leave your in game name.


Provocative 08-27-2008 21:39

I'd like to meet new people and all, but not overload the lag and server >.<

TrU3 08-27-2008 21:41

the only thing i hate about server merges is that nobility gets pwnt and people who were kings become dukes or even worst

demonwind 08-27-2008 21:43

but thats jsut the point fairy they want our nobility and stuff to be pushed aside this is just another way to make money for them

im against it

svrngr53 08-27-2008 21:43

screw that not getting my sig on that i want a merge

demonwind 08-27-2008 21:44

if they do merge us it should be with a server with similar status close to same amount of db buyers and so forth

PrinceOfTheDeaf 08-27-2008 21:45

Im right along with merging, and honestly ive only meet/heard of a few aussi players. merging will be fun seeing how there will be fresh "blood"

KABITO! 08-27-2008 21:46

I agree with you 100%

My ping, on a good day, is around 300-550, merging one very active server with another very active server will, as you said, increase the lag and disconnection rate almost tenfold.

With dragonballs being just about 16m in Gryphon server alot of hopefulls are probably either buying a pack or two, or buying up dragonballs in Cerberus in the hope that when we go to Gryphon Db's will still be 16m and they will make a nice profit. The way I see it, there will be so many people doing this that Db's will almost instanly fall right down to were they are on Cerberus or even lower killing the economy in Gryphon.

Nothing against the people of Gryphon of course, it's just in both our best intrests a merge would not be good for either one of us.

My name is in my signature

PrinceOfTheDeaf 08-27-2008 21:47

Oh and also, no matter how much you complain to tq, the server merge is gonna happen, ive seen it where hundreds of players complained and they got merged.

SleepingForest 08-27-2008 21:47

I really am not looking forward to a Merge, why cant we just be left alone.
Everyone on Cerberus agrees that a Merge is bad *except for GW addicted players. Having to memorize new prices, re-do Friends List, re-do ally list, make new connections, and get totally pwned by ppl for a different server. NO THANK YOU.

Besides if Fairygirl590 quits I lose 11 extra pot and that is hard for a lvl 130 arch with beastly gears to get. She's a super mentor >_<

I vote NO to the server Merge.

*BTW my char name is the same as my user name*

svrngr53 08-27-2008 21:50

ill see yall sep 2 on our new home ill have a different name but im sure i can be found easy

knighthawk49 08-27-2008 21:51

i think the idea too merge us with a nother server SUCKS. Like you said'ive spent way too much too quit but they (TQ) just keeps screwing up everything in the game. the ping is 245 or higher and i caint use fly on my lvl 128 archer or i get DC every time. if the merge does go through then ill just sell all my gear and quit. that means no more buying DBs for me at least. 150 too 200 DBs a month the will just biggie to them but dam sure is too me.

JoeyLegend 08-27-2008 21:56

Yeah I don't want to see us ending up merged either.
Cerberus was the only server I've played on, I started on Cerberus
This is my home.
Put all of the money, nobility, and friends aside.
Cerberus. Is my home on CO.
Why move a group of unwilling people into a new home.
It'll only cause mayhem.. And we all know.. the more attacks going on.. the more lag. And that means, less of us get to play.
Despite that, the economy of Cerberus is very poor.
How is it on Gryphon.. Does anyone know?
We do NOT need a merge. We need something to make out server thrive.
We need something, that will fix out failing economy.
We need something, that will answer our problems, rather than move out problems onto another server.
Cerberus should stay cerberus
Gryphon should stay gryphon
I am against this merge.

silver_assassin 08-27-2008 21:57

i never asked for a merge, nor do i like the idea of the merge i like where im at and feel no need for a merge

Zhi-mura 08-27-2008 21:58

*sigh*....I'm not really sure what to expect. To be quite honest, I'm not ready for this merge. I don't think both of our servers even close to being balanced. Their nobility system is 2 times what ours is. 2 FN times! That's not even the half of it...

I don't want the merge....

I have an idea, instead of merging, FIX THE FN BUGS YOU STILL HAVE IN THE GAME DAMNIT!! I still cant wear my GL garment with a freaking cap! What hell is wrong with you people!? Wanting to freakin' merge servers, but not taking care of simple bugs that's been around for over a month.

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