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LilMayfayre 03-10-2006 08:48

Who am I, Who are you?
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Lets all try to pick up the tone in forums once more. I hope we can all drop as much negativity and unnicities as possible. The poor mods are getting a run for there monies and aren't even getting paid to break up the fights here.


Tastefully and Tactfully tell us a little about you. Lets get to know eachother a lil better so we can attempt to not offend eachother as easily. Here I will start with some examples not necessarily a guideline you must follow.

PLEASE..Keep it clean and respectful as well as on topic. Let us not poke fun of anyone for what they post.

Name: Zoe
Place: USA
Work: Graphics Design *i did my car* :D
Family live with: Husband and 2 dogs
Favorite color: Blue, red, white and black
Favorite Music: Alternative
Favorite Movie: Godfather, Carlito's Way, Heat, Boondock Saints
Favorite Pet: Ferrets
Favorite Car: Punch/Slug Bugs
Favorite Treat: Anything Chocolate
Favorite Beverage: Bacardi and Pepsi

I think that is a great start. LOL I might be biased tho. Have a great day and lets see what we can learn of eachother. Remember keep it clean respectful and nice.

Here is my car I designed :) My fave pic of it btw :)

Bicarus 03-10-2006 09:34

Name: Brian
Life: None :D

Been playing Console games since 1982 started with an Atari 2600 since then moved onto sega genesis, turbographix16, neogeo, nes, snes, nes64, and last was the gamecube, too many games i've played to count.
(Currently have most of my previous console games as emu's on my PC cept gamecube)

Started online gaming around late 1998 early 1999 with Decent / Shadow Warrior, then moved onto the original UnrealTourney then shifted to StarCraft/Civilization/Diablo1 and throughout the years various single/multiplayer fps's along with a few MMORPG's.

Aside from that I live in a p-dunk town in the U.S.
have no favorite color
music likes vary but mostly I like the majority out there
best movie (set) is the LOTR triple and the original cartoons
two cat's
my car sucks
favorite treat -women- :D
and favorite beverage is rum.

2 cents.

Audrae 03-10-2006 12:19

Re: Who am I, Who are you?
Name: Audrée, AKA Audrae
Place: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Work: Small temporary job in a grocery store
Family live with: Still at my parents(less bills to pay hehe)
Favorite color: Purple, red and black
Favorite Music: Death/power/progressive/gothic metal, some psychotic trance
Favorite Pet: Labrador dog
Favorite Car: Nissan 350Z (just <3 the look)
Favorite Treat: Chocolate
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi, Quebecer/canadian beer and other strong stuff

Well, that's about it. :)

mkw037 03-10-2006 13:48

Re: Who am I, Who are you?
Name: Matt
Place: Arizona, Usa
Family live with: Dad, Dad's girlfriend, Dad's girlfriend's daughter lol
Favorite color: Orange, White, Black
Favorite Music: Umm dunno about a single fav but hip hop/techno/alternative/rock
Favorite Movie: Underworld sequel
Favorite Pet: My cat
Favorite Car: Ford's
Favorite Treat: You
Favorite Beverage: Arizona Iced Tea

Samuro 03-10-2006 14:06

Name: Jess
Work: Student
Future career path: S.W.A.T./martial arts instructor/(maybe body gaurd)
Favorite color: Red (like my hair :D)
Place: USA, Idaho
Favorite pet: Dogs
status: SINGLE:cool:

mhmmmmmmmm i might update some more later thats all i can come up with for now.

Xeroproject 03-10-2006 15:28

Name: Josh
Place: <---
Work: an electronic check processing company
Family live with: girlfriend (Caresse) & our 2 cats, Dante & Napster
Favorite color: red & black
Favorite Music: 80s, 90s, 00s Rock & Grunge (Rage Against the Machine & Alice in Chains for life!)
Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints & Super Troopers (who wants a mustache ride?)
Favorite Pet: cats, they are generally effortless to keep around
Favorite Car: BMWs
Favorite Treat: um, I don't like sweets o.O so how about socket items from MBs instead?
Favorite Beverage: dr pepper, whiskey, or Biacardi Select spiced rum & coke ;)

Keith 03-10-2006 16:24

Name: Darryl
Job: Student in High School
Location: Lafayette, LA
Favorite Color: Blue and Black
Favorite Music: Rocks of all kind
Favorite Food: BBQ Steaks :D
Favorite Drink: Sunkist
Favorite Pet(s): My 3 dogs, my ball python, my 2 turtles, and my parrot :D
Future Job: Tech Engineer or some kinda of Engineering field
Future Place: Canada after College Graduate
thats all :)

Goza 03-10-2006 16:38


Originally posted by Xeroproject
(who wants a mustache ride?)
we get a toaster from it? =D

Name: Jeff
Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania
Future Interests: extreme window shopper
been playing mmorpgs since i was 8 starting with Graal till i was 12 then Secrets of Mirage (worst game ever) till i was 14 then started playing co
Favorite color: im colorblind it doesnt matter -_-
Favorite music: punk/ska NOT EMO

LilMayfayre 03-10-2006 16:40


Originally posted by Samuro
Name: Jess
Work: Student
Future career path: S.W.A.T./martial arts instructor/(maybe body gaurd)
Favorite color: Red (like my hair :D)
Place: USA, Idaho
Favorite pet: Dogs
status: SINGLE:cool:

mhmmmmmmmm i might update some more later thats all i can come up with for now.

HEHEHE if only i werent married id come make that seksi redheadedness not single ;)

LilMayfayre 03-10-2006 16:43

Wow awesome stuff so far :D

You guys are great

*shuts up now and waits to hear more*

The_Bout 03-10-2006 17:09

Name: Sean
Work: Student
Future career path: mechanic
Favorite color: blue, black
Place: The Burg, Canada
Favorite pet: ionno i have a cat so... i guess ill say cat
status: single

lols was to lazy to rewrite this out so i took urs sam

*edit* lol fixed

Xeroproject 03-10-2006 17:20


Originally posted by Goza
we get a toaster from it? =D
yes, all mustache rides come with a free toaster oven as well lol :p

LilMayfayre 03-10-2006 17:31


Originally posted by Xeroproject
yes, all mustache rides come with a free toaster oven as well lol :p
;) me first me first ;)

Kelvin742 03-10-2006 17:36

Name: Kelvin
Place: New York, USA
Work: Student
Family live with: Parents
Favorite color: Green
Favorite Music: Rock and pop
Favorite Movie: I Not Stupid
Favorite Pet: Dogs
Favorite Car: I hate cars.
Favorite Treat: Swedish Fish
Favorite Beverage: Sprite and Pepsi

DarkSheep 03-10-2006 17:41

Re: Re: Who am I, Who are you?
Name: Martin
Place: Dortmund, Germany
Work: Student (doin a lot of graphics design stuff in my free time)
Family live with: My girlfriend (love ya baby)
Pets: 2 Chinchillas and 1 Hampster (a dog soon)
Favorite color: Black
Favorite Music: Rock, Metal, mostly Gothic and Folk
Favorite Bands: Fiddler's Green, Nightwish, Bullet for my Valentine
Favorite Pet: Elks (no questions plx)
Favorite Car: H2
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Waffles
Favorite Food: Steaks, Chilli con carne
Favorite Beverage: Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Polish Wodka, Ginger Ale, Coke

DarkHanyou 03-10-2006 19:09

Name: Karen
Place: Canada
Work: SportChek
Family live with: Parents and sister
Favorite color: Navy blue, black and white
Favorite Music: Top 40
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Pet: Goldfish, so easy to take care of :)
Favorite Car: <3 my passat
Favorite Treat: Candeh :D n Chocolat!
Favorite Beverage: Baileys, Smirnoff FTW

StOkA 03-10-2006 21:20

Ok here i go

Name: Nikola
Place: Arizona, USA ( Was Born In ex-Yugoslavia, Europe)
Work: Office Coordinator for a Hotel
Live with: Parents and Sister
Favorite Color: Red/Blue/White
Favorite Music: All Yugoslavian Music and some Rap/ R&B
Favorite Pet: Dont have one
Favorite Car: Ferrari Enzo
Favorite Food: Cevapi (its yugoslavian but trust me its good)
Favorite Drink: ( Corona Extra, Any kind of Vodka)

I guess thats it for me.

1NNOCENT 03-10-2006 22:14

Name: monica nicholle millian
nationality: half chinese, quarter french/hispanic
Place: 818 killa kali. los angeles biatch
Work: hustla. run thizz nawmean. :]
Family live with: myself
Pets: sidekicc` :D
Favorite color: grey/black/white/red
Favorite Music: r&b/rap/rock/soft/chinese/spanish
Favorite Movie: the graffiti artist
Favorite Pet: dogs
Favorite Car: my escalade
Favorite Treat: cheetos puff <33
Favorite Food: italian
Favorite Beverage: water/scotch

Kate-W 03-10-2006 22:44

Name: Kate
Place: England
Work: student
Family live with: Daddy
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Music: R&B
Favorite Movie: to many to choose....ill go with the american pies
Favorite Pet: My doggy Harry
Favorite Treat: Crisps
Favorite food: Mums home made lasagna
:D :D :D

Samuro 03-11-2006 22:44


Originally posted by Goza

Favorite color: im colorblind it doesnt matter -_-

im color blind too, BUT not full colorblind so no excuses if its that bad you can say gray!:rolleyes:

Goza 03-11-2006 22:48


Originally posted by Samuro
im color blind too, BUT not full colorblind so no excuses if its that bad you can say gray!:rolleyes:

i'm not full colorblind either just colorstupid =P

LilMayfayre 03-18-2006 18:30

cmon i know alot more of you here in forums lets here summore we got posts to get up to be second in chit chat for wild kingdom

Sandman21 03-18-2006 20:29

Ok. Here's mine. I'll just use Zoe's format :p too lazy to make my own.

Name: Alex
Place: Philippines
Work: Student, programmer
Family live with: Alone (dormitory)
Favorite color: Black
Favorite Music: All sorts, none in particular
Favorite Movie: Many, but I love Interstate 60
Favorite Pet: None, wish I had a cat.
Favorite Car: I'm not a car guy :p
Favorite Treat: Chocolates of course.
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi and 7up

EagleSh0t 03-18-2006 21:43

josh Minnesota,USA color, orange pet,dog treat-anything that tastes good :) and im really active and my bd november yes im romantic dont accept praise and I hate people who annoy people for no reason thats me i suck cya later:rolleyes:

Cloudstrife44 03-19-2006 00:09

Name: Cloudy
Place: USA
Born in: China
Work: Student
Favorite Movie: Fearless(By Jet Li)
Favorite Color: Blue,Black,Red
Favorite Music: R&B,Rap,Hip Hop, and others.
Favorite Pets: Cat and Hamster
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi
Conquer Online: Cloudstrife44
Gunz Online: Zero_Soul, Sealstar
Flyff: Cloudy44
Favorite Singer: Jay Chou (Chinese Singer)
Hobbies: Web Design, Making MV(music video)
Favorite Game Characters:
Dante from Devil May Cry
Cloud from FF7

Icyblade 03-19-2006 00:27

Name: Joshka
Work: FTDC Factory Test Driver Car
Location: California Los Angeles
Favorite Pet: Dog
Born: Germany
Full German I dont speak it though
Favorite Car: lamborghini (Any kind.)

Dube91 03-30-2006 20:49

Name: Nick
Place: Massachusetts, Usa
Work: Student
Family live with: mom dad 4 brothers and sister
Favorite color: red, black
Favorite Music: Hip hop Rap
Favorite Movie: Scareface
Favorite Pet: Pitbull
Favorite Car: My Benz
Favorite Treat: Candy
Favorite Beverage: Sprite (obey ur thrist)

xIc3x 03-31-2006 05:11

Name: Soh Chun Yang(call me Chunyang or jus yang)
Place: Singapore
Work: Im still a student...
Family live with: Mum,Dad And Elder Brother
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Music: Jay Chou's Shan Hu Hai..
Favorite Movie: Shaggy Dog,Saw 2...
Favorite Pet: Dogs,Cats
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Gallardo
Favorite Treat: Pizza
Favorite Beverage: Jolly Shandy and Pepsi

|Deadly| 04-01-2006 09:01

Name: Karolina, Karuse.
Place: Lithuania.
Work: Student.
Family live with: Parents.
Favorite color: Black,Red.
Favorite Music: All kinds of rock and metal.
Favorite Movie: -
Favorite Pet: Cat.
Favorite Car: -
Favorite Treat: Chocolates.
Favorite Beverage: Water.

DeeMack 04-04-2006 12:22

Name: Dee
Place: Long Island, NY
Work: Data Entry
Family live with: Brother & Cousin
Favorite color: Blue & Black
Favorite Music: House/HipHop/R&B/Tech/Alternative~~basically anything except Country lolz
Favorite Movie: Too many to think of atm, but most recent movie I was pretty sick, Inside Man~plot circling a bank robbery I would recommend to anyone debating on what movie to go see :o
Favorite Pet: Goldfish, so easy to take care of (Miko said it best ^~)
Favorite Car: Toyota Supra FTW
Favorite Treat: Candeh n Chocolat! (Miko again :o)
Favorite Beverage: Water/Milk/100pct Juice (used to be Baileys, Smirnoff FTW tho :()

comisarul 04-04-2006 16:36

Name: Razvan
Place: Bucharest, Romania
Work: network operator
Live with: 2 of my friends, each in his room :)
Favorite colors: Black and Blue
Favorite Music: House, Techno, Drum'n'bass
Favorite Movies: The Gladiator, Forrest Gump, Braveheart
Favourite Sport: Soccer!
Favorite Pet: I had a guineea pig and a dog... I really miss them :(
Favorite Car: My Renault Clio Symbol
Favorite Treat: Chocolate, Potato Chips and hazelnuts!
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi, a good ol' wine and ofc beeeeeer! :)

BORISEX 04-04-2006 16:58

Name: Boris
Place: Arizona, USA
Work: Student and hustler
Future Work: I work in a pizza kitchen, and im also intrested in a investigations job with the CIA :p
Live with: Family
Music:Techno, trance, house,acid
Favorite color: Orange mostly, white and black too
Favorite movie: Saw 2, Training day, Man on fire
Pet: No pets
Car:No car, would like a Lexus IS 300 tho
Treat: MacNut&Whitechocolate cookies :D
Language: Serbian & English
Birth place: Travnik, Bosnia
Drink:Orange juice, Monster energy, Redbull, Wine
Passtime: Jammin to my music

karkanis 04-04-2006 19:50

name: andrew
location: california,USA
work: student
live with: parents still
pets: 2 annoying birds
favorite music: rock
fav. food: BBQ ribs
fav. drink: orange soda
fav. pet: dog or cat.
satus: single for now

everybody needs a sidekick!!

anes 04-06-2006 03:19

Name: andrew
Place: Leyte, Philippines
Work: student
Sport: football/soccer
Music: alternative & punk rock
Food: kinilaw

Faytes 04-11-2006 11:20

Name: Andre
Place: Canda
Work: Student
Family live with: Father Mother Brother
Favorite color: White
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, R&B, Rock
Favorite Movie: Fast and Furious, Advent Children
Favorite Pet: Dogs
Favorite Car: Dodge Viper
Favorite Treat: African Beef Jurkey
Favorite Beverage: Monster

tehqueen 04-11-2006 17:32

Name: Miranda
Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Work: Student, Small grocery store place
Future Work: something that gets me money :|
Live with: mom, dad, sister
Music: alternative, punk, rock, some techno ><
Favorite color: brown :p and white
Favorite movie: nightmare before christmas, anything by tim burton
Pet: <3 my kitty ruby
Car: No car yet
Treat: MacNut&Whitechocolate cookies and anything white chocolate
Language: English, and some french (i try to speak more of it ><)
Birth place: Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
Drink: sadly mostly i drink water

LilMayfayre 04-11-2006 21:20

hehe i love gettin to know my fellow server mates :)

tehqueen 04-11-2006 21:33


Originally posted by LilMayfayre
hehe i love gettin to know my fellow server mates :)
was a good thread, props

LilMayfayre 04-11-2006 21:34


Originally posted by tehqueen
was a good thread, props
:o you makin meh blush but ty :o

DigitalPimp 04-14-2006 15:39

Name: John
Place: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania-USA
Work: Internal Revenue Service
Music: Bangin hip hop n RnB
Favorite color: Red
Favorite movie: Top Gun
Car: Mazda RX8
Language: English, Quasi Spanish
Birth place: Philadelphia
Drink: RedBull N Vodka - Beerz

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