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DarkHanyou 03-10-2006 19:09

Name: Karen
Place: Canada
Work: SportChek
Family live with: Parents and sister
Favorite color: Navy blue, black and white
Favorite Music: Top 40
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Pet: Goldfish, so easy to take care of :)
Favorite Car: <3 my passat
Favorite Treat: Candeh :D n Chocolat!
Favorite Beverage: Baileys, Smirnoff FTW

StOkA 03-10-2006 21:20

Ok here i go

Name: Nikola
Place: Arizona, USA ( Was Born In ex-Yugoslavia, Europe)
Work: Office Coordinator for a Hotel
Live with: Parents and Sister
Favorite Color: Red/Blue/White
Favorite Music: All Yugoslavian Music and some Rap/ R&B
Favorite Pet: Dont have one
Favorite Car: Ferrari Enzo
Favorite Food: Cevapi (its yugoslavian but trust me its good)
Favorite Drink: ( Corona Extra, Any kind of Vodka)

I guess thats it for me.

1NNOCENT 03-10-2006 22:14

Name: monica nicholle millian
nationality: half chinese, quarter french/hispanic
Place: 818 killa kali. los angeles biatch
Work: hustla. run thizz nawmean. :]
Family live with: myself
Pets: sidekicc` :D
Favorite color: grey/black/white/red
Favorite Music: r&b/rap/rock/soft/chinese/spanish
Favorite Movie: the graffiti artist
Favorite Pet: dogs
Favorite Car: my escalade
Favorite Treat: cheetos puff <33
Favorite Food: italian
Favorite Beverage: water/scotch

Kate-W 03-10-2006 22:44

Name: Kate
Place: England
Work: student
Family live with: Daddy
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Music: R&B
Favorite Movie: to many to choose....ill go with the american pies
Favorite Pet: My doggy Harry
Favorite Treat: Crisps
Favorite food: Mums home made lasagna
:D :D :D

Samuro 03-11-2006 22:44


Originally posted by Goza

Favorite color: im colorblind it doesnt matter -_-

im color blind too, BUT not full colorblind so no excuses if its that bad you can say gray!:rolleyes:

Goza 03-11-2006 22:48


Originally posted by Samuro
im color blind too, BUT not full colorblind so no excuses if its that bad you can say gray!:rolleyes:

i'm not full colorblind either just colorstupid =P

LilMayfayre 03-18-2006 18:30

cmon i know alot more of you here in forums lets here summore we got posts to get up to be second in chit chat for wild kingdom

Sandman21 03-18-2006 20:29

Ok. Here's mine. I'll just use Zoe's format :p too lazy to make my own.

Name: Alex
Place: Philippines
Work: Student, programmer
Family live with: Alone (dormitory)
Favorite color: Black
Favorite Music: All sorts, none in particular
Favorite Movie: Many, but I love Interstate 60
Favorite Pet: None, wish I had a cat.
Favorite Car: I'm not a car guy :p
Favorite Treat: Chocolates of course.
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi and 7up

EagleSh0t 03-18-2006 21:43

josh Minnesota,USA color, orange pet,dog treat-anything that tastes good :) and im really active and my bd november yes im romantic dont accept praise and I hate people who annoy people for no reason thats me i suck cya later:rolleyes:

Cloudstrife44 03-19-2006 00:09

Name: Cloudy
Place: USA
Born in: China
Work: Student
Favorite Movie: Fearless(By Jet Li)
Favorite Color: Blue,Black,Red
Favorite Music: R&B,Rap,Hip Hop, and others.
Favorite Pets: Cat and Hamster
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi
Conquer Online: Cloudstrife44
Gunz Online: Zero_Soul, Sealstar
Flyff: Cloudy44
Favorite Singer: Jay Chou (Chinese Singer)
Hobbies: Web Design, Making MV(music video)
Favorite Game Characters:
Dante from Devil May Cry
Cloud from FF7

Icyblade 03-19-2006 00:27

Name: Joshka
Work: FTDC Factory Test Driver Car
Location: California Los Angeles
Favorite Pet: Dog
Born: Germany
Full German I dont speak it though
Favorite Car: lamborghini (Any kind.)

Dube91 03-30-2006 20:49

Name: Nick
Place: Massachusetts, Usa
Work: Student
Family live with: mom dad 4 brothers and sister
Favorite color: red, black
Favorite Music: Hip hop Rap
Favorite Movie: Scareface
Favorite Pet: Pitbull
Favorite Car: My Benz
Favorite Treat: Candy
Favorite Beverage: Sprite (obey ur thrist)

xIc3x 03-31-2006 05:11

Name: Soh Chun Yang(call me Chunyang or jus yang)
Place: Singapore
Work: Im still a student...
Family live with: Mum,Dad And Elder Brother
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Music: Jay Chou's Shan Hu Hai..
Favorite Movie: Shaggy Dog,Saw 2...
Favorite Pet: Dogs,Cats
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Gallardo
Favorite Treat: Pizza
Favorite Beverage: Jolly Shandy and Pepsi

|Deadly| 04-01-2006 09:01

Name: Karolina, Karuse.
Place: Lithuania.
Work: Student.
Family live with: Parents.
Favorite color: Black,Red.
Favorite Music: All kinds of rock and metal.
Favorite Movie: -
Favorite Pet: Cat.
Favorite Car: -
Favorite Treat: Chocolates.
Favorite Beverage: Water.

DeeMack 04-04-2006 12:22

Name: Dee
Place: Long Island, NY
Work: Data Entry
Family live with: Brother & Cousin
Favorite color: Blue & Black
Favorite Music: House/HipHop/R&B/Tech/Alternative~~basically anything except Country lolz
Favorite Movie: Too many to think of atm, but most recent movie I was pretty sick, Inside Man~plot circling a bank robbery I would recommend to anyone debating on what movie to go see :o
Favorite Pet: Goldfish, so easy to take care of (Miko said it best ^~)
Favorite Car: Toyota Supra FTW
Favorite Treat: Candeh n Chocolat! (Miko again :o)
Favorite Beverage: Water/Milk/100pct Juice (used to be Baileys, Smirnoff FTW tho :()

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