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MichelleyGoSwim 10-24-2007 02:05


Originally Posted by NZ_bich (Post 6579362)
my jello isn't red...its white dork



portscottV2 10-24-2007 02:10

383 ppl rep me =D ill rep u back wen my repper works again

edit: yay repper works ill rep some people

portscottV2 10-24-2007 02:14

i broke my repper again :(

Tecuh 10-24-2007 02:29

I need moar.

Ibo 10-24-2007 02:30

People in my sig will get pepped back as soon as I can pep again.

yexie 10-24-2007 02:49

i owe:


SMAX (need to spread more)
(need to spread more)

and some others that i could never find and that never post:


i'm still rep-locked though, but will do it from work, now that i have my list on here :p

1428 rep btw =)

oh and guys... and girls... don't forget: Tecuh need moar!!

lRebornl 10-24-2007 03:11

I have 36

Tecuh 10-24-2007 03:14


Originally Posted by lRebornl (Post 6579553)
I have 36

Wow congrats

portscottV2 10-24-2007 03:17

386 now i need more :(

Tecuh 10-24-2007 03:17

Which monster likes to fly kites during a thunderstorm?
Benjamin Franklinstein!

GarY 10-24-2007 03:24

Almost 1k! :D

Tecuh 10-24-2007 03:25


Originally Posted by GarY (Post 6579595)
Almost 1k! :D

Wow. Thank me for giving you reputation yesterday

Xerogravity 10-24-2007 03:30

156 now :O, More pep pl0x

SirGawain 10-24-2007 03:53

How much rep/nep do you... 10-23-2007 07:41 PM +repped ~Craneses
How much rep/nep do you... 10-23-2007 07:40 PM BY: ~|DeathAngel|~ Rep Back
How much rep/nep do you... 10-23-2007 06:32 PM tehOri

i'll pep these guys

NZ_bich 10-24-2007 04:03

I still owe:

still waiting for the 24hour crap to gtfo :rolleyes:

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