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kingjr1992 11-03-2007 17:41

Rep Me so I can Rep you back today list is small

trigeki 11-03-2007 17:41

5622 rep me get rep so slow why =(

LiLAnGeL698607 11-03-2007 17:42

:( im all repped out

kingjr1992 11-03-2007 17:42

Owe me:

I owe:

*REP Me With Your Name & A PM.
**If I Have Not Rep You Back, PM Me With Your Name.
***Members That Gives Me Blank Boxes Won't Get Rep By Me.

xXErraticXx 11-03-2007 17:43

i is in need of pep!

LiLAnGeL698607 11-03-2007 17:45

Refer to my post up above :(

AK-47 11-03-2007 17:46

kingjr1992 ***8224;Brandøn***8224;. Borny trigeki LiLAnGeL698607 < got sum rep now

LiLAnGeL698607 11-03-2007 17:47

on my way to muh 2nd shiny :)

SioKanla 11-03-2007 17:50

200 rep. Everyone pay me back when you can and rep me and ill rep you tommorow :D.

LegacyWeapon 11-03-2007 17:57

just pepped ppl on the page

xXErraticXx 11-03-2007 18:00

im all out for today, get the few of u that pepped me tomorrow. pm me if u did so i remember.

Tanzeh 11-03-2007 18:05

o.o Hai guys

MuNcHiEs 11-03-2007 18:06

Rep'd as many of you as I could :)

§witch22 11-03-2007 18:09

3k now, thanks guys and gals (and others who play CO).

kingjr1992 11-03-2007 18:10

Currently REPing back. Rep me fast.

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