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NigFoot 01-17-2011 20:53

Server Merge, Liberty with?
as all the people who play liberty(possible other servers to) know it is dead.. GW dosent even exist any more we just sit there and wait.. all the old school players quit from stupid TQ changes so i believe its time to merge it with another classic server, i haven't been on other servers but iam sure there dieing off to. Throw a vote maybe TQ will do something good on classic for once

fun things about merges:

server vs server guilds and sweet GW fights, more geared players for better competition, new friends more enemies >=) better times

Fearend 01-18-2011 10:44

Voted yes. But Tq literally DODGES me every time i ask that on the help desk they send me the default message ' we're unable to answer your question at this moment please send an email blah blah' They said they'd merge liberty / prosperity 4 months ago WHERE U AT TQ quit dodging.

Voidmark 01-18-2011 10:56

Merge it!!
It seems like almost ALL of liberty is being played by like 6 people!! We need more players!! MERGE IT!!!!!!

Slice~N~Dice 01-18-2011 11:35

Yes we really need merge, maby help market economy and we can actually have guilds/gws that are good.

Giant 01-18-2011 11:45

This server totally needs a merge

NigFoot 01-18-2011 12:00

we need a mod to check it out and sticky this =S its very bad in there..

SomeGuy12345 01-18-2011 13:27


xman101 01-18-2011 13:32

i hope the interest on our desire
we really want to get merged so plz do what we want as we play conquer and buy dbs so u should at least hear what we want and do it for us . ty

Indecl 01-18-2011 14:45


Fearend 01-18-2011 14:49


Originally Posted by Indecl (Post 11449079)

who are you, and vote no why. probably not even on this server.

celticfrost 01-18-2011 15:00


VirusD 01-18-2011 15:22

if TQ was smart they would merge it fast DB buyers would buy more and prices on both servers would go up---would be more activity on both servers


NigFoot 01-18-2011 15:51

lol shh Noumenon go sit and hide till Drinkup crys for u ;)

pooptruck 01-18-2011 15:53

The server has enough people... its just 95% of the server will switch to whichever side looks like its going to win gw so they can do their flamelit

architrex 01-18-2011 18:31

Don't merge!
The last server merge I had survived through was Aries and Tiger, it was terrible we had a constant server war between the non-english speakers and the english speaking comunity and the BRs.... unless you know FOR SURE this is a mainly english server you're merging with, my vote will stand.

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