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Josh... 04-30-2010 07:31

I logged on Freakys char and got this. :p

GM013[GM] speaks to Freaky_M:
You are warned for inappropriate language on publich channels. If caught again, we will take further action on your account. [2010-4-26 21:54]


Sanad 04-30-2010 08:08

Egy GMs :O

ZealŪ 04-30-2010 08:10

Well, that's a bag of failure. What channels?

Josh... 04-30-2010 08:16

Idk haha ask Freaky.

Kentangubi 04-30-2010 12:57

i received to
you didnt see they look for new vidsters?damn maybe they take me :cool:

Posionic-Food 04-30-2010 15:02


i think DT send all the nasty bc's about him to TQ WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

and sorry, i was off partying for the last 2 days, 1 day in one of the biggest clubs in holland and 2nd Queens day in amsterdam

<3ed it.

Btw josh, take what's urs i got the cash. and its ok.

i srsly lol'd at the patheticness of DT wahahahahah

Josh... 04-30-2010 15:23

lmfao freaky legend, yeah mate told you id send you the money :) thanks bro :D 299 bp now with like 40 dbs worth of **** to sell. :D

AshThePharaoh 04-30-2010 15:27

freaky babe sort me out with ur tao gear n3 <3

Posionic-Food 05-01-2010 03:45


Originally Posted by AshThePharaoh (Post 11112902)
freaky babe sort me out with ur tao gear n3 <3

we can come up with a price if ya really want it

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