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Ha1dir 05-29-2008 13:15

Botcatchers, NEW Requirements
I've noticed that many ppl are recording cheaters more and more lately, not just on this server but alot of servers. But there are new reqirements needed when recording if you want to have a chance of being approved you MUST meet these requirements.

New Requirements-
  • Mini map must be on (excluding labby map 1-4).
Only video source sites allowed-Failure to meet ALL of these new requirements will result in Automatic Denial. Please visit for more information regarding the requirements of videos.

Video recording programs-These recording programs are preferred as they do not block the top left section of your videos with advertisements which will cause automatic denial of your video.

Will be updated as needed
(leave name with +rep)

Updated: 7/23/2008

PoonD 05-31-2008 11:04

Thanks for posting this Ha1dir

PoonD 07-23-2008 18:42

Bumping due to IMPORTANT updates!

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