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Cpt.Curtis 06-08-2011 14:13

Count me, I remember loosing my elites when i got pked in tc on my merchant :(

LitasLTL 06-08-2011 14:20


Originally Posted by BabyDread (Post 11550565)
It was a lot more fun. Now Pk limit at 1k, equipment quests, I think they baby the new players a little too much.

It was a better game. no point having guards in TC now

New players do get free items but that is all. And they can barely rise above full bound super +3/4 with elite tower. And any bulked up monk can 1 hit them with their fart

rotan 06-08-2011 14:24

I returned from a 4+ year break.

Yeah those were the good old days. I remember getting a DB from pheasants, all the TC pking, the only pests were BR's, and finding an elite or super gear meant you just hit the jackpot. You still have the TC killing in Classic, it's the only reason I returned but it's nothing like CO1...

Archers are now useless, cps took over the economy over gold, sockets cost way less then they used to, hunting/mining is now pointless, etc. Oh well, at least TQ can't take the memories away from me.

I originally was on Dragon then moved to Wildswan and quit before the Frogprince merg.

Infamous~ 06-08-2011 15:58


Originally Posted by SirKillahMiles (Post 11550136)
Im Playing since the start of Honor Server....Should be around 7 years now! :eek:

Sad but true :mad:

Who was your char on Honor?

Heyga4Huk 06-08-2011 16:05

I'm not really around, just coming to troll once in a blue moon. By the way, it's interesting how much more polite old players are. Is it that all the cool people quit because of the lame guys or it's just that those old players grew up? :)

Wayne Brady :( 06-08-2011 16:12


Originally Posted by Jaxx.. (Post 11550256)
What a accomplishment, you must be proud.

an *

Also, I've been to vietnam, does that count?

Jaxx.. 06-08-2011 16:52


Originally Posted by Wayne Brady :( (Post 11550735)
an *

Also, I've been to vietnam, does that count?

Yes. Its nice to go to a rat filled country which managed to destroy America in a war.

Tiny 06-08-2011 20:00

Think I started 1-2 years before my forum account was made... if that makes me veteran lol

~Rings 06-08-2011 21:08

I remember the days when you got killed in Twin City and if you got an elite anything it was cool. Took me 6 months to make level 60... And that was with an archer friend helping to level me. I started in May or June 2006

~Rings 06-08-2011 21:10

My very first ever DB I got was from Bandits at level 45 LOL and I ran all the way to my warehouse freaking out about getting killed for it... To this day...that was the only monster that ever dropped a DB for me LOL

Enia 06-08-2011 21:19

Hi. Vet. Thanks.

~Rings 06-08-2011 21:26

OH remember when you got killed in TC if people thought you were metting up your gears??? That sucked. And you had to remove your gears to do it! People would just sit there waiting for you to PK you and still your mets and the gear you were trying to level. God forbid you ever took a dragonball into twin city! remember when skills like superman didn't glow? You used to hit the skill and nothing magical happened, you just had to hit stuff and nothing glowed. I remember when sockets weren't even around. A socket... 1 socket was considered cool and no one knew how to do it LOL

Undertow 06-08-2011 21:36

Count me in.

Although I cannot remember how long I have played, it has been 5-6+ years?

The old days with crap-brown interface, slow jumps, and scattering all day in alien apes to level once or twice. I was so happy when I reached level 45 to get my unique one socket bow. Also remember the guild war map being different, along with market and other things. I remember people scamming with art money to buy characters LOL. Sadly I have no screenies of when this game was awesome.

Edit: I played AT LEAST 2 years before finding out about conquer forums lol.. So 05-06? Not as old as some :P

~Rings 06-08-2011 21:52

I don't know about other servers, but i remember the statue of Banks. He was a kid that died on our server and TQ placed a statue of Banks so he could be remembered. It was in the guild war area. They removed Banks awhile ago and many people are still upset over it.... Mostly old school players. BRING BANKS BACK!

Eurochic 06-09-2011 03:07

1 Attachment(s)
A screenie from my first server 2005 for the memorial of Snoakslady (Lilla) a forum mod who played on Phoenix Server. She was very young and died in a car crash.

Lots of people from different servers and mods came to pay there respects.

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