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IluminatI 06-07-2011 22:20

lol me iv been around a while. tho i kinda quit now. redownloaded the client to help some friends when they call me to play some char in tournys is about all now.

kronz 06-07-2011 22:42

you can count me in

Alnano 06-07-2011 23:33


Originally Posted by HateBreed (Post 11549946)
Old player reporting in. Unfortunately this I briefly got back into the game. The games turned pretty ****ty now but it's WAS a little playable.until i found LoL haven't logged in since.

i believe i fixed this??

Cloud~ 06-08-2011 00:21

who cares. maybe enough to fill one server

kirby8787 06-08-2011 00:31

i am as well but i take alot of breaks

CheekyPunk27 06-08-2011 01:00

<---- *points to join date*

I log on maybe once a week to say hi to my friends.

Eurochic 06-08-2011 01:03

I have been playing since 2004 so I have been playing longer than most. Also I still play every day :D

Miggy^ 06-08-2011 01:52

me since 2004 i think, had a break of 6 months but now im back again
i started when conquer online had 1 group Wildkingdom Dragon,Eagle,Lion,Kylin,Phoenix,Tiger, that were the only once if i remember correctly so yea XD ive seen this game go from awesomeness to kinda sucky:o

but ohwell it kills time

Infamous~ 06-08-2011 02:14

06 here. Still had fun when the game was....more ''skill'' based.

Angerkev 06-08-2011 02:31

Throw me and my friend Evil-scotsman on the list ^^

ekushay 06-08-2011 02:52

summer 05 for me! not to mention a LOT of huge breaks in-between

kinda sad to be on this list, it's like... how long have you been rotting your life away?
a long... time...

Korvacs2.0 06-08-2011 03:08

I am just about, 05 for me :)

phini4eva 06-08-2011 03:23

Roger that commander. BTW, i've sorta played since CO had a day/night system. i'm an old*** apparently >.>

Infamous~ 06-08-2011 03:30

yeti_was 06-08-2011 03:49

I'm still here, ho hum... mostly just play poker, do arena and chat with friends.

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