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Starshine 06-01-2006 08:26

Abbreviations and Acronyms
I've compiled a long list of Conquer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms that are most commonly found in game.

Here's a list of them:

[GM] - Game Moderator
[PM] - Program Moderator

1337 - "LEET:" a reference to oneself being "Elite" or really good at something (you'll have to look at it upside-down to see it)
1h - 1 handed weapon
2h - 2 handed weapon
1s - 1 socket
2s - 2 socket

AA- Alien Ape
AC - Ape City
Agi - Agility (same as dexterity and accuracy)
AS- Alien Serpent
Att/ATK - Attack (goes with atk ring = attack ring)
AZ - Adventure Zone

B> - Buying something like "B> met"
Bas - Basilisks (In Adventure Zone)
BI - Bird Island
BJ - Bot Jail
BM - Branch Manager
Bot - Robot: automated script used for cheating
BR - Brazilian (a reference to where one is from)
BS - Backsword

CO - Conquer Online
coro - Coronet (Trojan's Headgear)
CP - Conquer Points (can be purchased with Dragonballs)

DB - Dragon Ball
DC - Desert City
D/C- Disconected from the game
DEX - Dexterity (goes with dex ring = dexterity ring)
DG - Dragon Gem (SDG is super, RDG is Refined, NDG is normal)
DH - Divine Hare
DL - Deputy Leader
Dmg - Damage
Drag/Draggy/Draggies - Dragon Gems
Dura - Durability (of your equipment)

Ears - Earrings
Eli - Elite (quality of an item)
Exp - Experience

FB - Fast Blade (ranged attack skill)
FC - Fire Circle (Fire Tao spell)
FG - Fury Gem (SFG is super, RFG is Refined, NFG is normal)
Fishy - Water Elf (Water Tao xp skill)
FoH - Fire of Hell (Fire Tao spell)
FM - Flying Moon or Fire Meteor
FTL - For the Loss
FTW - For the win

GA - Guild Area
GC - Guild Condcutress
GG - Guild Gate / Good Game
GL - Guild Leader
GW - Guild Wars

Herc - Hercules (Trojan Skill)
HW - Health Wine

Invis - Invisibility / Invisible (Water Tao Spell)
IR - Intensify + Rapid Fire (Archer skills)

KG - Kylin Gem (SKG is super, RKG is Refined, NKG is normal)
KOS - Kill on site (kill on screen works too)
k - A reference to thousands of silver (example 45k = 45 thousand (45,000))
kk - A reference to millions of silver (example 45kk = 45 million (45,000,000))
KS - Kill Steal

Lab - Labyrinth
LG - Left Gate
LVL - Level

M-atk - Magic attack
m-def - Magic defence and from this we can extract
MB - MoonBox
MC - Mystic Castle
Met - meteor
MG - Moon Gem (SMG is super, RMG is Refined, NMG is normal)
MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game as ConquerOnline
Mob - Monster
MZ - Meteor Zone

Nado - Tornado (Fire Tao spell)
Necky - Necklace
ND - Night Devil (Disguise)
NFS - Not for Sale
Nix - Phoenix
Noob - A reference to a "new" player to the game (also called "noobie" or "newbie")
NPC - Non Playable Character (characters controled by computer - Pharmacist, blacksmith, conductress...)

P-atk - Physical attack (sorry if I this sounds to odd, I could realy need some help)
P-def - Physical defense and
PC - Phoenix Castle
Pct - Percent (that % of your experience)
PG - (SPG is super, RPG is Refined, NPG is normal)
PK(ed) - Player Kill(ed)
PKA - PK Arena
PKP - PK Point(s)
PKT - Player Kill Tournament / PK Ticket
PLVL - Power Level
PM - Private/Personal Message
Pot - HP/Mana potion
Prof - Proficiency
Pwnd - Pwnd is a (often deliberate) typo of the word 'owned', (usually meaning killing a player with 1 hit) thanks to Skizzik for correction.

RB - Reborn
Ref - Refined (quality)
Rev - Revive
RG - Right Gate / Rainbow Gem (SRG is super, RRG is Refined, NRG is normal)

S> - Selling something like "S> tro armour"
SM - Superman (Warrior Skill) or Server Maintenance (downtime)
Soc/Sck - Socket
Spawn - Group of enemys that respawn in the same place over and over
SS - Scent Sword (ranged attack skill)
ss - screen shot
SSM - Senior Serpents
Stat - Status / Statistic
Stig - Stigma (Water tao spell)
Sup - Super (quality of item)
SxG - Super Gem

T> - Trading
TC - Twin City
TG - Training Ground / Tortoise Gem (STG is super, RTG is Refined, NTG is normal)
tnl - To Next Level
Tro - Trojan

Uni - Unique (Quality)

VG - (SVG is super, RVG is Refined, NVG is normal)
VN - Vietnam(ese) a reference to where one is from
VP - Virtue Points

War - Warrior / Guild War
W/C - wrong chat (usually when u talk to wrong person)
WZ - Wine Zone

XP - Gold bar around your health (used for special skill activations)

I've also linked a separate webpage for the most common Internet acronyms... very useful for PM/IM! ^.^

Credit also goes to: Tristesse, Xarik, Bounce, Skizzik, ProximaCentauri, Rubbby, Kreig, ChaoDealer73, Andjeo, jewels, Tenreiken, MLD, Winddancer, Isil, GacktCamui, Kitsu and PhoenixFire for their contributions to the list and coming list.

ProximaCentauri 06-01-2006 08:31

sticky ftw!

also add:
Uni - Unique
Spawn - Group of enemys that respawn in the same place over and over

Starshine 06-01-2006 08:32

Here are Abbreviations and Acronyms not necessarily Conquer related but are commonly used in game:

10x/tanks - Thanks

afk - Away From Keyboard
atm - At the Moment

bbiab - Be Back in a Bit
bb - Bye Bye
brb - Be Right Back
brt - be right there
bs - bullsh*t

emo - Emotional

ffs - For F***s Sake
fyi - For Your Information

g2g - Got to Go
gfy - good for you / go f*** yourself
gg - goodness gracious (good god)
gl - Good Luck
gratz - Congratulations

hb - hurry back

idk - I dont know
imho - In My Humble Opinion
imo - In My Opinion
irl - In Real Life

k - OKay

lm(f)ao - Laughing My (F***) Ass Off
lol - Laugh(ing) Out Loud

m8 - Mate (friend)

np - No Problem

o i c - Oh I See
omg - Oh My Gosh

pls/plz/plx - Please
ppl - People

rly - Really ?
rofl - Rolls on Floor Laughing
rtfm - Read the F*** Manual

stfu - Shut the F*** Up
sup - "What's Up?"

ttyl - Talk to You Later
ty - Thank You
tyt - take your time
tyvm - Thank You Very Much

w/ - with
w/o - without
w/e - whatever
wb - welcome back
wtf - What the F***
wth - What the He**
wysiwyg - What You See Is What You Get

yw - You're Welcome
y? - Why?

Edit: Thanks to TurboDSM, Itsy Bitsy, Vandetta, jewels, pvpchu1, LifeGoesOn, lonehwolf, and TheEternal for your contributions to this list!

helene 06-01-2006 08:39

very good job!

i am soon gonna redo this section and this will surely get a rightful place.

Findell 10-02-2006 04:50

Don't forget:

Sdg - Super Dragon Gem

kosmosdk 10-02-2006 06:17

nice post

hann_hann 10-03-2006 01:06

bump. we need a sticky this is some helpful tips to some peoples out there :rolleyes:

Rubbby 10-03-2006 01:53

Just for reference I see ppl

~PoLka*DoTz~ 12-13-2006 14:36

1 Attachment(s)
umm...stiickky this mods? :rolleyes:

bahahahaa ii lOvee napoleon dynamic..he`s hilarious

Jeffo 12-13-2006 19:50

Nice job

TurboDSM 12-13-2006 22:17


Originally posted by ~PoLka*DoTz~
umm...stiickky this mods? :rolleyes:

bahahahaa ii lOvee napoleon dynamic..he`s hilarious

napoleon dynamITE
imho - in my honnest opinon, also
FTL - for the loss or lose, w/e
w/e - whatever

-DD- 12-14-2006 08:50

Good job! Stickied. :p

Yesmyek 12-17-2006 09:49

Wow, this helped alot, I was having some trouble understanding what the heck people were saying...

Andjeo 12-17-2006 12:36

Thanks Starshine for mentioning me in the post. I'm glad I could contribute to this list :) so again small contribution:

d/c = disconected from the game
w/c = wrong chat (usually when u talk to wrong person)
bas = basilics

Itsy Bitsy 12-20-2006 13:24

Oh may I add that "GFY" does not stand for "good for you" :p

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