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Karyn 04-16-2014 21:16

Might have already been said, I'm not going digging through threads looking.

1) New chat colours are added but colour i selection is not. ***FIXED***

2) Random client closure

3) When selecting autohunting settings, the settings don't save the first time. You either have to set them and start autohunting then cancel and redo or open autohunt, close it and reopen again to get them to save.

4) Zero anti aliasing

5) Text is still stupidly hard to see lacking a drop shadow

6) Unable to change resolution


7) Random freezing, seems when loading textures or resources.

There are loads more, but those just the main ones off the top of my head

Karyn 07-20-2014 01:56

Can we please get some fixes? Anyone? OS X's marketshare is rising fast.. so might be worth a little investment from TQ.

Number 1 on my list was fixed.

Numbers 5,6 and 2 are very important to fix.

Karyn 07-26-2014 09:21

Bump. 5k views, many PMs to mods.. nothing... not even a reply.. I guess Mac CO really is dead.

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