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kronz 01-28-2009 04:53

mamano u can suck my ****
i get infracted and you see the **** these people say about me ban me you think i give a ****
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Original Post:

Originally Posted by BrutalTruth
my mom's isn't around but she can be proud of me ur mom prolly wonders why god had to give her such a disformed child

still dont know what some people's problem is i just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!

your mom isnt proud of her wh0re daughter plz kelz get a fkin clue and abt my mom shes proud every day im here cause im a miracle unlike yourself im going to university now what can u say about yourself? sucking **** for a eightball dont count btw

All the best,
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Eurochic 01-28-2009 05:59

Enough thread closed

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