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Aurora2 10-15-2008 11:11

I was the person who told the mod that there was NO mods here. And I stand behind what I said. Want to push my hand:

This topic was brought to both yours and Durants attention. Now when is selling accounts legal? Did either one of you bother to lock, close, or turn that account in for banning? I would guess not since the topic was never closed or removed. I use to come here, used to play here, but got tired of forums that are not modded and a server that is not taken care of. So between a lack of GMs and a lack of Mods that care, I finally left this server. (Oh and before you say you didn't receive an email, it was on your welcome thread that I told you both, not once, but twice)! So you can't claim you didn't receive an email, you both just chose to ignore me ^.^

And yes, every once in a blue moon this forum is cleaned up because I have paypalled for four years and every once in a blue moon when I played here I would ***** to TQ and they would ***** to the mods and have it cleaned up. I would receive a nice email back asking if my "issues" had been addressed.

Now have I addressed your inkling? There are actual rules, that are only kept when it suits the mods of this forum. This forum is a continual mess, if you don't like feedback, don't ask for it. You attacked Anastasia instead of thanking her for being honest. Quite sad!

And of course people told you there was enough, they don't want their threads cleaned up. They want to be allowed to post whatever they want and to break whatever rules they want. Doesn't mean you are doing your job. Like a teacher asking a class if he is doing his job even though they are all flunking, but he is giving them recess all 8 hours and then wondering why they can't pass any tests. Of course they love their teacher, but the parents can't stand him. DUHHHH!

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