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XShinryuX 01-26-2015 03:38

LasVegas Transfer Bug ?
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It is already 26th in-game, so how come I cannot transfer my character from LasVegas to my main server ?

I won't be here long so I want my stuff to be transfer back, I don't want to waste what I won (even if it crapped) just because I couldn't transfer back and because TQ doesn't deal with this issue.

Note: Don't secretly edited the website or something, I have taken picture, screenshot of every website news about LasVegas and in-game news about LasVegas to use against you guys. You people are not trustworthy and have a history of cheating your players :mad:

witchi2 01-27-2015 10:59

i transferred to my server and I had put items in the two warehouses on Vegas server but only one warehouse transferred.....Tq'd again!!!!:mad:

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