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Nem~UK 10-13-2007 18:58


Originally Posted by Taavi (Post 6494838)
repd ppl back,nem i cant rep u yet.

np mate ty 4 trying though :)

Loviatar 10-13-2007 20:01

Time to hop up and pep some good ppl so I may re-pep my fellow Turq Spamzors... heads up!

MrTrojannn..... 10-13-2007 20:04

rep me and i rep you back, i already re-reped who reped me, so rep me and i rep you

TrU3 10-13-2007 20:11

i need nep

Hand 10-13-2007 20:15

Pep'ed back as many as I could (something like 6 people including Nem~UK, Derkarr, Loviatar, etc)...

Current list:

Rep unreturned as yet: Wiggly(Eagle), jengis, Vlax, ~|Feva|~(Aq), Wynter(Drag,200), >><<(Maus,46), BLUBLOOD(Eagle), Rebmes(Mars,131), ShadowKat, Flappy, *Napoleon*, Keebler(TA,72), tehOri, mightyoyo(Mars,129), QwErTyUiOp1204, Zyika(Sagi), SpyroCrash(Sunshine,36), HaNdSoME, Mckk(194), d0m1n4tr1x(194), DustiJade(Cancer,29), Alastriona, Shara|o.0(Fury,23), chris2962(Sunshine,36), Rurik, Nem~UK, yexie, Lord-Doom (gl)(200), PrincessMandie(201), mike222, PRUE <3, jnwshorty(202), Whiz(202), Enigma, xJJx(Glory), Kreschti(Saph), KrAzY(Saturn,43), "Guh"?, Barefoot(Justice,48), Valkyrie, Suicune(206), XLegendX(206), Jabbz(206), HaNdSoMe(207), edy-dark, StarleT, fireTama(Gemini,52), CrestX(100k,458), ApoC(Pluto,3), SunnyStar(Libra,43), Tide., Winduu, HaZarDouS(Mayfaire,SS), Craneses(214), Zapped, JennYp(Maus), d0m1n4tr1x(213), LoStInDaRkNeSs(Tornado,99), Tanzeh(Pyra,113), ~Aphroditie~(216), Loviatar(Turq,38), Tasmin(Sagi), trigeki(216), mehul, b1ackangeL(Volc,41), ChenZhen2734, gillianchung(218), 28 anonymous

sharpshooter 10-13-2007 20:16

i gave up on rep

Attachment 19147

gillianchung 10-13-2007 20:16

i want to pepper more people but the lame thing keeps going wait 24 hours :mad:

Taavi 10-13-2007 20:17


Originally Posted by Keleso (Post 6495099)
That's not what LD told me, he said she moved to I think Hebby with her brother...

well she does play on thunder atm...

Cagd 10-13-2007 20:25

Got everyone i own back, and few new ones frogot to take down who, happy peping all.

mercenary 10-13-2007 20:26


Originally Posted by mercenary (Post 6351000)
owe rep to:



TrU3 10-13-2007 20:28

nep me not pep O.O

Keleso 10-13-2007 20:35


Originally Posted by sharpshooter (Post 6496055)
i gave up on rep

Attachment 19147

Same, I just +rep my friends when I see them, or when people make witty posts.

Fullmetal666 10-13-2007 20:48

I can still pep some more today.
Pep me and I'll return the favor.

Taavi 10-13-2007 20:49


Fullmetal666 10-13-2007 20:50

I only have 261. :(

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