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If4e 10-08-2008 12:39

need help on vista
My Windows is Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
DSL or Comcast Cable
when I run on on High Definition or Standard Definition, it pop up an error is

Runtime Error:
Program C:\Program file (X86)\Conquer2.0\Conquer.exe.
abnormal program termination

Even i run on Run as Adminstrator or just left click, it pop up the same message.
I hope u can hlep me. Thank U.

I already read Anyone Still Have Problems Playing Conquer on Vista?
and Fix for fraps, how to show cursor... i did some testing
it dosent help.

nicholascobalt 10-08-2008 13:59

Its in the stickies actually (theres a Running Conquer in Vista sticky)

But Inside that sticky is this link
On how to run it with fraps in 32

Sorry if I wasn't much help but for some reason I lucked out and conquer works just fine on my vista xP

If4e 10-08-2008 14:24

ty for ur help but noting changed the problem.

Himie 10-08-2008 15:22

try uninstalling co, then delete the remainings of the conquer folder manually the uninstaller leaves some things then install again, this helps most ppl with this problem

If4e 10-09-2008 12:37

ty. i got it work now. hehehhehe

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