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Abandoned 04-20-2008 08:09

Diablo - Black Swan

Weetah 04-20-2008 10:05

Primus - Mary the Ice Cube

I once had an ice cube, pretty little ice cube.
Now it's gone, now it's gone.
Her name was Mary, pretty little ice cube.
Now she's gone, now she's gone.
She was so shiny, my pretty little ice cube.
Now she's gone. Where's she gone?
She's gone with the others, the shiny little ice cubes. Movin' on. Movin' on.
Shes' gone.
Doesn't nothing ever last forever?
I miss my ice cube.
Pretty little ice cube.
Since she's withdrawn.
I held her in my hand, my chilly little ice cube.
Was it wrong? Was it wrong?
She slipped away, my moist little ice cube, to oblivion.
She left me standing with tears on my face,
on the lawn.
So I wrote this song.
Pretty little ice cube where have you gone?
Doesn't nothing ever last forever?

It's been declared that it's not wise to prize something too much.
I just wish to find something to fondle and to touch so gently.

Doesn't nothing ever last forever?

The brain!() 04-20-2008 10:07

Alice deejay,old school by now woot.

Abandoned 04-20-2008 10:35

Amon Amarth - God, His Son And Holy *****

Off Topic 04-20-2008 13:31

Consequences - Iced Earth

zak is back 04-20-2008 13:45

Atmosphere-Woman with the tattooed hands

Off Topic 04-20-2008 13:46

Never Free, Never Yours - Dark Flood

zak is back 04-20-2008 13:53

Tantric-After we go

ArrowsUnited 04-20-2008 14:08

globals deejays ft. rozalla - everybody's free (klaas remix)

Durant 04-20-2008 19:54

Sleeping Beauty-Perfect Circle

Necro_Abyss 04-20-2008 19:58

Amon Amarth - Thorn Arise

Amon Amarth Entering studio in May to make new album :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Durant 04-20-2008 20:06

Orestes AMV (Oh my Goddess)

Durant 04-20-2008 20:38

Judith remixed (Nin/Renfold mix) AMV

Same song but Trigun style. The main hero never looked this badass in the series...

Durant 04-20-2008 22:05

Sleeping Beauty Advent Children

Durant 04-20-2008 23:14

Naruto passive

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