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XLegendX 10-10-2007 19:41

u guy's shineys making me jealous :mad:

Valkyrie 10-10-2007 19:41

Reped and returned most that I could :)

T.I.Marbury!! 10-10-2007 19:42

woo let the rep pour in

*Napoleon* 10-10-2007 19:43

MMk thanks for all the rep tonight guys im up to 455

Hopefully you all will supprise me when i wake up and ill have a shiny bar <3 (I hope i do)
Gnight all! Have fun!

Hym V.5 10-10-2007 20:15

i came i saw i peped

tehOri 10-10-2007 20:26

whee i am r rep whoever was i could again

GarY 10-10-2007 20:31

Woot! 100+

HamSupLo 10-10-2007 20:40


2149 right now...

GarY 10-10-2007 20:43


Originally Posted by HamSupLo (Post 6472491)

2149 right now...

One more to rep when I can. Haha.

Mikey<3 10-10-2007 21:15

Rep me

Hand 10-10-2007 21:17

24 hour rule killing 2200+ rep atm...

To pep:


Rep unreturned as yet: DustiJade, StarleT, Anka, Satine(202), .***8224;Brandøn***8224;., sharpshooter, Fire_Opal, trent28o^^, Tecuh(Mayfaire,30), QwErTyUiOp1204(Mars), Gary, Wiggly(Eagle), Tasmin(Sagi), Tide(Turq), Kane, Valkyrie, AksiS, Chester, ***8224;Mister***8224;(Sagi), sst94, Mamono, Derkarr, jengis, Vlax, Nem~UK, Loviatar(Gemworld), ~|Feva|~(Aq), Wynter(Drag,200), >><<(Maus,46), BLUBLOOD(Eagle), Rebmes(Mars,131), ShadowKat, Flappy, *Napoleon*, Keebler(TA,72), tehOri, mightyoyo(Mars,129), QwErTyUiOp1204, Zyika(Sagi), SpyroCrash(Sunshine,36), HaNdSoME, Måckk(194), d0m1n4tr1x(194), DustiJade(Cancer,29), Alastriona, Shara|o.0(Fury,23), chris2962(Sunshine,36), Rurik, Nem~UK, yexie, Lord-Doom (gl)(200), PrincessMandie(201), mike222, PRUE <3, jnwshorty(202), Whiz(202), Enigma, xJJx(Glory), Kreschti(Saph), KrAzY(Saturn,43), "Guh"?, Barefoot(Justice,48), Valkyrie, 28 anonymous

Suicune 10-10-2007 21:30

Just rep'd all I can...

XLegendX 10-10-2007 21:37

565 :( waaa

HamSupLo 10-10-2007 21:45

Hym v.5

Måckk 10-10-2007 22:34


Repped a bunch more people tonight.

Seeya guys in 24 hours. ;)

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