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Lemtoad 07-19-2008 03:23

Tips and Hints: All-In-One Thread
A comprehensive list of Quest Guides

Reincarnation Guide
weapon choice guide for aspiring dagger users
Quest to Fixed Weapon Skills
The Official Beginner and Bonus Pack Guide By Silent()Bob
Tower and Fan Quest Guide
Dis City Quest Guide
Money Making Guide
Basic In-Game Etiquette
Complete Guard Guide
Labyrinth Guides Here and Here
PhoenixFire's Money Making Guide
Mining for Gems Guide
Blue Mouse (Exchange Gems for Meteors) Quest
Skypass Guide
MoonBox Quest Guides Here and Here
Refined Moon Gem Quest
Introduction to PK
Second Reborn Quest Guide
How to get out of MetZone
Anti-Hackers Guides: Here and Here
Zhang's TG Guide
+1 to +12 Composition Guide
Complete Lab Guide
__________________________________________________ _______________
Character Guides.


Welcome to the Tips and Hints section for Job Classes. In here you will find all relevant links to the 5 classes in Conquer:
  • Ninja
  • Archer
  • Warrior
  • Trojan
  • Water Tao
  • Fire Tao
Here is a brief description of each class

Each class has its own strength and weaknesses. You'll want to plan accordingly and players before you have posted their experience from each of their respected classes. Below, you'll find threads (organized by class) about how to build, level, and equip each character.

Part 0: Ninja
Ninja Guide V 0.1
Mystic's Ninja Guide

Part I: Archer
===========Part II: Warrior
============Part III: Trojan
============Part IV: Water Tao
===============Part V: Fire Tao
============Part VI: Common to all classes
=======================__________________________________________________ _________
Tables, Maps and Calculators

Attribute Points Calculator
Composing Equipment Attribute Table
Converting Time Zones
Defense Calculator
Disguise Speed Comparison
Dragonball Experience Level Chart
Experience Level Chart
Experience Ball Chart
Maximizing Experience Gained with Gems
Phoenix Skill Colors
Potency Calculator
Super Weapons!
Useful maps and location of quest NPC's
Virtue Point Table
Weapon Damage Comparison
Attribute calculator
Bonus Stats
Attribute points for every level
Sub-classes promotion

Lemtoad 07-19-2008 03:49

PM me if you think a thread should be added to this list.

Lemtoad 09-01-2010 23:29

Added some new guides~

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