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synsia 07-12-2006 00:24

The big book of Question and Answers // All you need is here // All-in-one-sticky!
This thread was originally posted by ~Fury on 11-28-2004

Have a question? Consult the big book of question and answers!

FAQ Guide - by jaybird2000

Here's the chapters, click the links :)

That's our informative chapters of the Great Big Book of Question and Answers. I will be adding chapters as they are written and if I find them necessary ;).

Please feel free to contact any mod of this section through PM if you have a problem, concern, or question.

synsia 07-12-2006 00:25

Some Ways of Preventing Being Hacked/Scammed
  • Never share accounts, or accounts information.
  • Never trust sites that aren't
  • Never trust people in-game with your items.
  • Never share items with spouse or place valuable items in House ItemBoxes if you do not 100% trust your spouse.
  • Never download any 'macro' or any 'cheating' program, it will most likely contain a keylogger. (And the use of these are against the Terms of Service and you will most likely get banned, aswell).
  • Do not trade accounts or items for real cash.
  • Do not help credit DBs, or take DB codes from someone you do not trust, for they can be hacked.
  • FOLLOW the rules of the Terms of Service
  • Make sure you know your account's security info, and that the email registered with it is valid (email CAN be changed if you know the Security Info).
  • Make sure the item you wish to trade for is the real item in the tradebox. (You could be being tricked with a normal when you think it's an elite).
  • Have a good firewall and a good anti-spyware updated program.

FOLLOW THESE RULES and you might prevent being hacked/scammed.

IceDragonMaster 11-28-2006 15:52

IceDragonMasters Question & Answer Thread
1 Attachment(s)

To those of you reading, let me explain what the purpose of this thread is and what I hope to achieve through it. First of all I would like to Introduce myself, my forum name is IceDragonMaster but im known on Justice Server as lethal. Some people consider me the best Trojan on the server, others consider me a friend or enemy. I just consider me as being just like any other player but with a few more sockets.

I have made this thread in the hopes of helping the players who are relatively new to the game and confused by the elements surrounded with Conquer Online and the way in which the game in itself can be played and enjoyed with a better understanding of the basic principles of the game.

This will be an ongoing thing for me, so please do not expect large amounts of stuff to be posted within a few days, weeks.
It will be built up and managed over a large period of time, when I have free time to add more content to this thread I will do so.

How Does It Work ?

I will be taking Questions previously asked by people and the answer to that Question and compile them into this thread as long as they are up to date and provide accurate information.
People who are reading and would like to ask a Question and would like an answer to that Question can also post in this thread. I will answer your Question and others reading will be able to answer your Question too.

This will sort of work like a Big Library of Questions and Answers. A large list of Questions will be posted in seperate posts underneath this one and will be directly linked to with a link to the answer, there will be different chapters inquiring about certain topics, for example Trojans, Fire Taoists, Mineing, Pking etc etc. I will only link an answer to that Question if I feel the answer is accurate and reliable. For Questions people in here may ask I will give a custom response if I am available, if not others reading can answer the Question.

Anyone who would like to participate in this can help. You can help by Private Messaging Questions along with Answers you think are suitable for this thread and I will inspect them and decide whether to add them to this thread or not.

When Will It Start ?

As of right now I am planning to start work on this Tommorow (wednesday 29th November 2006). This post is purely just for reading purposes as of now. I am hoping that the Moderators for this section can lend me there support and if anyone flames or posts unappropriately or insufficiently have there posts removed by the Mods. As of right now there is a Sticky on this forum titled "The big book of Question and Answers".

My Goal through this is to provide a more usefull upto date version, some of the information in that thread was last updated in the year 2003, We are in 2006 now and alot has changed :)

What Are My Reasons For Doing This ?

As most of my friends on Justice Server and on the Community know Im coming close to the end of my Conquer Career, being one of the older players of Justice Server when it first came out and now I want to put something back into the community and no better than to give it back in the form of helping the only people who are truely pure in this game, the Newbies. While the high levels may change and become power hungry, the Newbies will always remain pure and innocent.

To those of you who are wondering how this will look like it will look like the picture enclosed below but a lot larger, upto date and reliable.

Thankyou for your patience and understanding
Best Regards

IceDragonMaster 11-29-2006 05:45

[Glossary Page - Index]

[i] Chapter 1 - Character Types And Class Related Questions
Subsections -

*Official Site Trojan Intro - Credit to Official Site (Click Here To View)
*Trojan Intro Written By Players
*Official Site Fire Taoist Intro - Credit to Official Site (Click Here To View)
*Fire Taoist Intro Written By Players
*Official Site Water Taoist Intro - Credit to Official Site (Click Here To View)
*Water Taoist Intro Written By Players
*Official Site Archer Intro- Credit to Official Site (Click Here To View)
*Archer Intro Written By Players
*Official Site Warrior Intro- Credit to Official Site(Click Here To View)
*Warrior Intro Written By Players- Credit to Kytana(Click Here To View)
*Trojan Related Questions
*Fire Taoist Related Questions
*Water Taoist Related Questions
*Archer Related Questions
*Warrior Related Questions
*Trojan XP skills
*Fire Taoist XP Skills
*Water Taoist XP Skills
*Archer Xp Skills
*Warrior XP Skills
*Trojan Level 1-70 Guide- Credit xunhallowedx(Click Here To View)
*Fire Taoist Beginner Leveling Guide
*Water Taoist Beginner Leveling Guide
*Archer Beginner Leveling Guide - Credit Axeweilder(Click Here To View)
*Warrior Beginner Leveling Guide Lvl 1-110- Credit to swordofdestiny (Click Here To View)
*Character Disguises - Credit to IlikePIE (Click Here To View)

[II] Chapter 2 - Power leveling and Spawns

Subsections -

*Marriage Experience
*Best Monsters To Power Level Your Tao On/ Get Power Leveled At, At Certain Levels- Credit Goes To chic
*Noob Experience
*Spawn Coordinates

[III] Chapter 3 - Weapons and Items

Subsections -

*Item Quality
*+1's and amount needed - Credit to LegendaryAce (Click Here To View)
*Composing Explanation- Credit to IlikePIE
*Official Site what is a Meteor? - Credit to Official Site
*Official Site what is a DragonBall? - Credit to Official Site
*Official Site What is a Fixed Item?- Credit to Official Site
*DragonBalls/Meteors Player Explanation- Credit to IlikePIE
*Official Site what is a Socket?- Credit to Official Site
*Player Socket Explanation - Credit to IlikePIE
*Gems(Note:Tortoise Gem Missing, Tortoise Gem Increases your Physical/Magic Def)- Credit to IlikePIE
*Warrior/Trojan Items
*Fire Tao/Water Tao Items
*Archer Items

[IV] Chapter 4 - Guild War

Subsections -

*Guild Gates
*Guild Statue
*Guild Beast
*The Importantance Of Water Taoists In GW

[V] Chapter 5 - Quests

Subsections -

*Quests For(low lvls)
*Quests For(medium lvls)
*Quests For(high lvls)
*Moonbox Quest
*Snake Island Quest
*Blue Mouse Quest

Seasonal Quests-

*Halloween- Credit to Official Site
*Christmas - Credit to Official Site
*ThanksGiving- Credit to Official Site
*Easter - Credit to Official Site

[V I] Chapter 6 - Mining

Subsections -

*Mining Guide Written By Player - Credit to JesusYY(Click Here To View)
*Mine Maps - Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Places To Mine/Level Requirements/Cost Requirements - Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Gems/Gem Quality/Gem Effects - Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Pickaxes/Hoes - Credit to Official Site(Click Here To View)
*GemSpots Guide - Credit to DarknessTear(Click Here To View)
*What are the Ores and Gems used for ? - Posted By Me(Click Here To View)

ALOT More Chapters to come and will be worked on shortly please stay tuned. If you feel something is mispelt or typed incorrectly please let me know and I will fix the errors.

Thankyou for your Patience and Understanding
Best Regards

IceDragonMaster 11-29-2006 07:39

[V II] Chapter 7 - Frequently Asked Questions

Subsections -

*Where can I find the Citys? BirdIsland/Phoenix Castle etc - Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*I am seeing a Green Skull what is it ? - Posted By Me (Click Here To View)
*How can I reduce my Ping?- Posted By Me (Click Here To View)
*Where is Central Plain ?- Credit Derya/Me (Click Here To View)
*Im an archer should I use Dex or Attack ring? - Credit Community (Click Here To View)
*Im a trojan how can I wield 2 weapons - Posted by Me (Click Here To View)
*How do I sign up? - Credit to Official Site
*I Got scammed what should I do ? File your case here:- Credit to Official Site
*How do I change my Email ? Go here & Enter your Info: - Credit to Official Site
*How do I change my Password ? Go here & Enter your Info: -Credit to Official Site
*I Lost my Password, how can I get it back? Go here & Enter your Info. - Credit to Official Site

[V III] Chapter 8 - Skills and Magic/Dance

Subsections -

*Level Requirements
*Best Way To Level Spells
*Magic Books/Dance Books/Skill Books And Where They Can Be Found Credit Petra/TQ (Click Here To View)
*Fire Tao Mana Requirements - Credit to TQ Digital ( Click Here To View)
*Damage Of Fire Spells- Credit to TQ Digital ( Click Here To View)
*Water Tao Mana Requirements- Credit to TQ Digital ( Click Here To View)
*Damage Of Water Spells- Credit to TQ Digital ( Click Here To View)
*Determining Magic Dmg and Dmg recieved- Credit to Iselore ( Click Here To View )
*Use Of Spells In Certain Situations PVP/PVE
*What is a Reborn Mana/Health Backsword ?
*What is a Reborn Poison Blade ?
*What is a Reborn XP Shield Bow ?
*Fastblade/ScentSword Tips
*One Players Penetration Story - Credit to Aithe23 (Click Here To View)
*Penetration/ Celestial/ Phoenix Analysis

[IX] Chapter 9 - Weapon Proficiency

Subsections -

*Violet Gems Pages:
*Benefits Of Weapon Proficiency Pages:
*Why Weapon Proficiency Is Required Pages:
*The effect of Passive skills
Rage/Phoenix/Penetration/Boom/Snow etc On Levelling Weapon Proficiency Pages:

[X] Chapter 10 - Promotion/ Job Centre

Subsections -

*What is the Job Centre?- Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Why Should I Get Promoted?- Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Where is the Job Centre?- Posted By Me(Click Here To View)
*Point Status & Lvl Requirements - Posted By Me/Official Site(Click Here To View)
*Items Needed For Promotion

[XI] Chapter 11 - Usefull Things

Subsections -

*Experience Calculator - Credit to Tamath (Click Here To View)
*Composition Calculator+ Cost - Credit to LegendaryAce (Click Here To View)
* List Of Bonus Stats Of All Items +1 to +9 - Credit to mjuricek/gimpwiz/Ceil (Click Here To View)

[XII] Chapter 12 - Guilds

Subsections -

*Creating a Guild Credit to lokicane(Click Here To View)
*What Is Guild Fund ? Credit to lokicane(Click Here To View)
*What Are Deputy Leaders ? Credit to lokicane(Click Here To View)
*What Is A Branche ? Credit to lokicane(Click Here To View)
*What Is A Branch Manager ?Credit to lokicane(Click Here To View)

[XIII] Chapter 13 - Chatting Ingame

Subsections -

*How To Chat Ingame
*How To Use Smileys Ingame
*Chat Filter
*Chat Logs
*Chat Panels
*Language Issues
*Ghost Chat

[XIV] Chapter 14 - Chatting On Forum

Subsections -

*How To Make A Forum Account Credit to Official Site(Click Here To View)
*How To Use Smileys
*How To Use Tags To Make Your Text Look Different
*How To Load Up An Avatar
*Forum Slang
*Language Issues
*What Is Flameing?
*How To Add A Signature
*How To Add A Experience Bar To Your Signature

IceDragonMaster 11-29-2006 11:28

Chapter 2- Best Monsters To Power Level Your Tao On/ Get Power Leveled At, At Certain Levels

The "Pre-Water Wizard" Stage

|Monster (Normal) | Levels you get Max Exp | Ideal Lvl |
| Min macaque | 01 - 27 | 01-27 |
| Elf apes | 01 - 32 | 01-32 |
| Slow Apes | 01 - 37 | 33-37 |
| Snake Monsters | 01 - 42 | 38-42 |
| Sand Elfs | 01 - 47 | 43-47 |
| Lapidating Mobs | 01 - 52 | 48-52 |
| tough monsters | 01 - 57 | 53-57 |
| Evil Blades | 01 - 62 | 58-62 |
| Birdman | 01 - 67 | 63-67 |
| Hawkings | 01 - 70 | 68-70 |

The "Water Wizard" stage

After reaching lvl 70, get Promoted to water wizard immediately at the Job Centre so you enjoy the benefits of having double team experience.

|Monster (normal) | levels you get max exp | ideal lvl | monster (adventure) | monster (preferred) |
| Hawkings | 01 - 72 | 70-72 | Senior Ape | Hawkings |
| Bandit97 | 01 - 77 | 73-77 | Alien Ape | Hawkings |
| Tombats | 01 - 82 | 78-82 | Senior Snakemen | Senior Snakemen(SS)|
| Tombats | 01 - 87 | 83-87 | Serpent | Serpent/SS |
| Bloody Bats | 01 - 92 | 88-92 | Senior Serpent | Serpent/SS |
| Bull Monsters | 01 - 97 | 93-97 | Alien Serpent | Alien Serpent(AS) |
| Red Devils | 01 - 102 | 98-102 | Basilisk | Basilisk/(AS) |
| Devil Kings | 01 - 107 | 103-107 | Devil King | Basilisk |
| ??????? | 01 - 112 | 108-112 | Devil King | Basilisk |
| ???????? | 01 - 117 | 113-117 | ???? | Basilisk |

ALL Credit goes to Chici for her Best Monsters To Power Level Your Tao On/ Get Power Leveled At, At Certain Levels Guide

IceDragonMaster 11-29-2006 15:18

Chapter 1: Warrior Intro Written By Players - Introduction to Warrior

As said on the Conquer Online site, the Warrior is the "Defensive" class, compared to Trojan, which is the "attack" class. The warrior class is very easy to start off and is one of the fastest (if not The Fastest) class to level up, thanks to the XP skill, Superman.

Advantages of Warrior:

1. Highest defense of all classes (at earlier levels anyways)

2. Ability to wear a shield greatly reduces damage (again, at lower levels)

3. Shield skill, Dash, allows you to
"Dash" an opponent, pushing back them one step and doing normal damage. A special trick is to left click on the opponent just as you are about to do Dash damage, so you end up hitting twice in one move.

4. The XP skill. Superman. THIS IS YOUR LEVELING GOD. For a few good seconds, your damage against monsters is increased by 10X, and you get 10X off each hit as well. Very fast at mowing down mobs for quick exp. With Superman you can kill Messenger, Aides, and Kings very easily.

5. Warrior is a very independent class. You can comfortably level by yourself without always needing someone to level with you.

6. Warrior equipment is the cheapest of all class equipment. On Lion server, most warrior equipments are about half as expensive as trojan ones. So if you're starting a brand new character or are just really poor, then warrior is for you.

Disadvantages of Warrior

Warrior's probably sounding really nice right now huh? But there are some drawbacks to this class.

1. Lower damage compared to trojans, since warriors are always stuck with using one weapon.

2. Very hard to kill using a Warrior, compared to other classes. Warriors rely on SS/FB/direct hit to kill, while Trojans have all that, and on top of that, have Hercules. Herc may not be that strong (when without a good DragonGem set), but its much easier to aim. You as a Warrior, are going to use a Club for leveling (usually), so it will be insanely hard to defend yourself using a Club. (Warrior PVP later in guide)

3. At mid-higher levels, a piece of Trojan armor has more defense (phys/mag) than Warrior armor. So if you decide to go with a 2-hander weapon anytime during your warrior carreer, just know that a Trojan of the same level would most likely have just as much defense as you, or more.

4. Low HP, about half the HP of a Trojan, and the same HP as a Tao of the same level.

5. Only able to wield one weapon, so you can't mix and match weapons like you can with Trojan.

6. Lower level Trojans can own you.

7. Since Warriors can only hold one weapon, they can only get 2 easy sockets, while Trojans can get 4 easy sockets a-la Dual Wielding. (Suggested by mariux)

Why Play Warrior Then?

After all those disadvantages, you're probably wondering why you would want to play as Warrior. Here are some commonly used reasons:

1. Cheap equipment. Very easy to start a new warrior character with decent +'s.

2. Cool looking armor. Generally, only the armors level 70 and up are the good looking ones. Everything under that isnt too good.

3. If you ever become a good PvP warrior, you'll have reason to boast. Hard to PvP as a Warrior when compared to Trojan.

4. Because Warriors level quite fast with Superman, they are one of the fastest classes to level up to reborn. (Tip by ESD)

DOs and DON'Ts of Warrior


- Buy an Elite Helmet and Elite Armor as soon as possible.
- Buy a Fixed Warrior armor and use it until Level 57, where you should switch to your Elite armor. There are Lv32 and Lv47 Fixed armors.
- Use a Club for leveling. ANY club! Regular club will be decent for leveling, refined and higher are even better.
- + your armor and helmet as much and as often as you can. First + your armor, then your helmet. The m-def you get from +'ing armor is very helpful.
- A Blade/Sword with FB/SS is recommended to use at Training Grounds on the Scarecrows.


- Do not use a Blade, Sword, or any weapon without an area attack skill for leveling. The exp you get from using a Club or even a Whip is much better than from a Sword.
- Do not attempt to train at rednamed monsters unless you take 1 damage from them. Anything higher and they will be a drain on your pots. Instead, train on whitenamed monsters that will hit you for the minimum damage and maximum exp.
- Do not super your equipment right away. If you are a new player who miraculously came into possession of a Super item, sell it, dont use it. Super items take a very large amount of meteors to upgrade at market. Upgrading Super items at TC is very difficult and dangerous - you can be PKed at anytime.
- Do not carry/sell expensive items in town. Do this at Market, where you can't be PKed.
- Do not use Dragonballs to upgrade the quality of items unless you know that the upgraded version of the item is worth more than the original item + DB combined. NEVER upgrade the quality of a normal or refined item, unless its a socketed non-weapon.
- Do not super anything that does not have sockets. Sockets first, quality later.
- Do not get pleveled at levels 50-60+. You will most likely be able to level solo faster than by plevel.

Is Warrior the Right Class for You?

If you want the easy way to level up fast: YES - Warrior is very easy to level
If you are a hardcore gamer and want as much power as you can: NO - Warrior is not a brute strength class. If you want brute strength, choose Trojan or Fire Tao.
If you want to be strong and powerful right from the start: NO - If you want power, Trojan is for you.
If you want to look cool: YES
If you want to PvP easily/often: NO - It is not easy to PvP as a warrior for the average player. If you are a PvP-loving person, Trojan is more suited to you.
If you are poor and have little/nothing to start with - YES - Warriors need little money to start compared to other classes.

ALL Credit goes to Kytana for her Warrior Introduction

IceDragonMaster 11-29-2006 15:36

Chapter 1: Warrior Beginner Levelling Guide Lvl 1-110

Lvl 1-5: Hunt pheasants or get a high lvl person (at least lvl 40) to plvl (power level) you and continue reading from the lvl the person plvls you to. If you stick to hunting pheasants continue on hunting them until they turn green, I'm not to sure on this, but I think it happens on lvl 5.
Lvl 6-10: Basically the same as above, but fight the Turtledoves, which are a bigger form of the Pheasants. Once they turn green continue on to the next thing.

Lvl 11-15: This time you go to Robins, but be careful they love to gang up. Once you hit lvl 15 go back to Twin City and go left from the entrance (its the armory building) to where you see a guy named GuildDirector. See the blue swirly thing? That's called a portal. Click on it. After that you should warp to a new place, go left from the portal and talk to the Warrior God. He'll promote you from InternWarrior to Warrior (you won't have to be promoted again till you're lvl 40). Oh and a note on weapons, make sure you pick the weapon for you, but mainly the best for a warrior at this stage is a blade or a sword (blade is stronger). Also when you get promoted to warrior don't forget to learn your xp skills, because superman is VERY useful. (I will explain the xp skills in detail later)

Lvl 16-25: This time you fight Appiritions. Be careful here because they like to gang up even more than the Robins do. Also make sure you buy higher lvl weapons as you lvl. Note about lvling though, it's easier to lvl with people of your lvl if you're lvling alone, just don't get more than 3 people in the party or it'l be like you jump on an enemy and it's already dead.

Lvl 26-32: Next move accross the bridge from Appiritions to the ones above, but be careful they are really strong and even I can't kill the Ghost King yet without superman (you shouldn't even try) archers can though, but we are about warriors, the pride of the pack. It's close to the mine cave so if you want you could mine, ores are for houses (cept gold ores (sell them to npcs), euxinite ores (something for archers), and gems (those go into socketed weapons and help boost things up. See the gem faq thing).

Lvl 33-47: In these lvls you should lvl around Pheonix Castle (do NOT go into the Waterfall Cave). Also Warriors can get Fastblade and ScentSword for free, but only before lvl 40 so get out that sword and blade and get your proficiency as high as you can and go talk to warrior god and get them BEFORE getting promoted. Believe me it's worth saving 20k. Also don't forget to equip your shield at lvl 40, unless you plan on using a 2 handed weapon your whole time.

Lvl 48-52: You should lvl around Ape City, but only macs and minimacs, and be careful they like to gang up more than all those ghosts and bandits and rats did (it's kinda funny, but I skipped the rats, I'm afraid of those stupid messengers). It's fun to have a friend of similar lvl accompany you since you guys will lvl together.

Lvl 55-60: You should begin to fight Giant Apes, but be careful, the Giant Apes like to gang up and they take a lot more damage from you than the macaques and minimacaques do. Also, being red you'll need a lot more health items. Note: after lvl 54 or 55 they become white.

Lvl 60-whenever: Fight snakemonsters, the ones north of ape city, not the ones south of slowapes, they will kill you faster.

Lvl 60-65: Continue to fight snake monsters till you make 65, go through the trouble of bettering your armor, if you want to go anywhere fast you'll need it so, start thinkin Elite +1-2 Helm and Bodyarmor.

Lvl 65-70: Attempt you hand at the Sand Monsters outside Desert City, if you take to much dmg, go back to snakes. If you're fine, lvl at Sandies.

Learn Dash at lvl 63, beware, dash harms shield durability and should only be used in critical pvp situations.

Lvl 70-75: Do NOT attempt Hillmonsters till at least lvl 71, if you try at lvl 70 the red ones (lvl 73s) will anhililate you (3 lvl bonus rule)

Also now that you ar lvl 70 you may go and ming in the silver mines which is good afk cash, high rate golds there too. Both are relatively empty, but the one in the desert has lvl 92 rock monsters on the first lvl. The Ape Mountain Mine has lvl 72 Rock Monsters.

Also now at 70 you learn Flying Moon.
This is the Warrior's one and only accurate long range attack, it fires a bunch of magical energy that can be lvled over time. It is an XP skill.

It's useful for:
Saving your plvlee(from that mob you can't quite get to)
Killing low lvl Pkers who are jumping (lvl 40ish targets of any class.)
Knocking Archers out of the air.

And finally, you may now gain Virtue Points from newbies you help lvl. These points are gathered only WHEN the newbie lvls. VPs are good for:
Claiming prizes, 1 met for 3k, 1 db for 270k.
Entrance to the Laberinyth (lvl 100+ quest with decent met rewards and excellent melee lvling) 2k VP required for fee.

Lvl 75-80: Start moving up to Rock Monsters, remember the 3 lvl rule.

Lvl 80-85: You now have the opportunity to reep revenge against Blade Ghosts (if you did the Met Tear Quest, you probably got killed by these guys) And also may now have some fesibility of completing the Moon Gem and Peace Jade Quests.

Lvl 85-90: You now exit the desert and head to Bird Island, to face Birdmen, especially remember the 3 lvl rule here, I got killed A LOT by lvl 88s.

Lvl 90-95: HawKings are your next target. This will be your first "easy" lvling session since lvl 70. The Bird Island Spawn (After Maintainence) is SWARMING with targets, you almost can't move. It's excellent for superman runs, and after a few hours when it's not so congested is a good Plvling area.

Lvl 95-100: On to lvl 97 Bandits, lvling slows down, due to pathetic spawn rates and poor grouping in these mobs. The portal to them is located on the southwest tip of the HawKing Island, DO NOT confuse it with the north portal leading to Senior Bandits and Bandetti.

Lvl 100+: Congratulations you have just entered the path to reborn.

Normally you would follow the path to Tomb Bats and beyond.

HOWEVER With the newly openned laberinyth, lvling will be a breeze up to 105-107. Go to the "LAB", paying the 2k VP fee. And with at least Elite +3 Helm/Armor and Elite Shield. Then slaughter Slingers to your hearts content. They are black named as they are lvl 105 mobs, but they attack like the lvl 97 Bandits you previously fought, and therefor offer superb EXP for no danger.

There are NO magic mobs on lvl one of the LAB. Also you can pick up Sunlocks along the way, and trade 17 of them for 2 mets to Simon. If you have enough VP for a weeks worth of trips (2 trips daily) You can easily get to lvl 105 in that week and come out with 20-40 mets (depending how diligent and lucky you are.)

Gold Ghosts, the 2nd mob on lvl 1 offer an abundance of GOLD, as in 5-6 Bullion or Bars almost every 3rd one. They also drop tickets to lvl 2.

Lvl 105: Go to lvl 2 to train, Fight Bladelings, BUT...
AVOID Agile Rats, they are a Magic Mob and can do a lot of dmg. Probably get some good earrings before trying them at 110 and then try proceeding to lvl 3.

ALL Credit goes to swordofdestiny for his Warrior Beginner Levelling Guide Lvl 1-110

IceDragonMaster 11-30-2006 08:33

[V V IIII] Chapter 15 - Training Grounds

Subsections -

*Introduction to Training Grounds
*Gem Combinations For Best Exp In TG(melee chars) - Credit to AsianPlayer (Click Here To View)
*How To Get In TG For Free
*Where Is TG?
*How to hit 2 stakes in TG (melee chars)
*How to stand properly in TG Scattering (archer)
*How to FireOfHell In TG(fire tao)
*Feature of NightDevil In TG
*Feature of Water Elf In TG
*Feature of Robot In TG
*How to Reduce CPU usage in TG

[V V V] Chapter 16 - Reborn/2nd Reborn/Rebirth/2nd Rebirth

Subsections -

*What Is Rebirth? - Credit to Official Site
*What is 2nd Rebirth ?- Credit to Official Site
*How To Get Reborn - Credit to Official Site(Click Here To View)
*How To Get 2nd Reborn - Credit to Official Site(Click Here To View)
*1st Rebirth Skills Retained - Credit to Official Site/Derya ( Click Here To View)
*2nd Rebirth Skills Retained - Credit to Official Site/Derya ( Click Here To View)
*1st Rebirth Quest Tips - Credit To Syrin ( Click Here To View )
*2nd Rebirth Quest Tips - Credit To Baby Icey/KevinT ( Click Here To View )

[V V V I] Chapter 17 - Blessing/ Enchanting

Subsections -

*What Is Blessing?
*What Is Enchanting?
*Gems And There Enchant Value
*Amount Of Gems Required For Blessing
*Water Bless Rebirth Under 120
*Water Bless Rebith/Any Other Char Bless Rebirth 120+

[V V V II] Chapter 18 - Videos/FB/SS/Guild War Matches/Duels

Subsections -

*Craft FB duel -Credit To Craft(Click Here To View)
*Cruel - Water Blader Gw Video-Credit To Cruel(Click Here To View)
*Akira Gw Ownage - Credit to Akiraxxx
*Akira Vs SweetChaos FB Duel -Credit To Akiraxxx(Click Here To View)
*Mars Guildwar -Credit To Mars (Click Here To View)
*Emerald Guildwar-Credit To Emerald(Click Here To View)
*Turqoise Guildwar-Credit To Turq/mika slash(Click Here To View)
*Co Alpha Guild War-Credit To xJapx(Click Here To View)
*Conquer Online Video-Credit To XdreamSlayerX(Click Here To View)
*Semphis FB Video-Credit To Semphis(Click Here To View)
*HotShot Fb Video 1-Credit To hotshot88(Click Here To View)
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*Melee Water Guildwar-Credit To XiaoChen(Click Here To View)

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Chapter 7: Where can I find the Citys? BirdIsland/Phoenix Castle etc

By now you should be accustomed to where Twin City is.
So lets say you are in Twin City(The starting city of the game)
You will need to go to these locations on the First Map to go to the citys. Or you could speak to the Conductress outside the Twin City Left gate and pay her 100 gold she will Teleport you to the Location of the Portals needed to enter these citys. Once you are inside the Portals you simply need to go to the place on the map that looks like the city. It should be a squarish sctructure on the map. If you cant find it once you are through the Portal simply attack the guard and wait 20 seconds you will revive and end up in the City of the Map you are in.

Credit IceDragonMaster

IceDragonMaster 11-30-2006 10:09

Chapter 10: Point Status & Lvl Requirements

Trojan Promotion Stat Requirements:

Level 15 Promotion Stats:Trojan

Strength = 28
Agilty = 10
Vitality = 14

Level 40 Promotion Stats:Veteran Trojan

Strength = 60
Agilty = 25
Vitality = 25

Level 70 Promotion Stats:Tiger Trojan

Strength = 110
Agilty = 42
Vitality = 45

Level 100 Promotion Stats: Dragon Trojan

Strength = 155
Agilty = 60
Vitality = 92

Level 110 Promotion Stats:Trojan Master

Strength = 170
Agilty = 65
Vitality = 100

Water/Fire Tao Promotion Stat Requirements

Level 15 Promotion Stats:Taoist

Agility = 10
Vitality = 17
Spirit = 25

Level 40 Promotion Stats:Fire/Water Taoist

Agility = 25
Vitality = 22
Spirit = 80

Level 70 Promotion Stats:Fire/Water Wizard

Agility = 45
Vitality = 32
Spirit = 140

Level 100 Promotion Stats:Fire/Water Master

Agility = 60
Vitality = 42
Spirit = 205

Level 110 Promotion Stats:Fire/Water Saint

Agility = 65
Vitality = 47
Spirit = 225

Warrior Promotion Stat Requirements:

Level 15 Promotion Stats:Warrior

Strength = 28
Agility = 10
Vitality = 14

Level 40 Promotion Stats:Brass Warrior

Strength = 80
Agility = 25
Vitality = 22

Level 70 Promotion Stats:Silver Warrior

Strength = 140
Agility = 45
Vitality = 32

Level 100 Promotion Stats:Gold Warrior

Strength = 205
Agility = 60
Vitality = 42

Level 110 Promotion Stats:Warrior Master

Strength = 225
Agility = 65
Vitality = 47

Archer Promotion Stat Requirements:

Level 15 Promotion Stats:Archer

Strength = 12
Agility = 35
Vitality = 5

Level 40 Promotion Stats:Eagle Archer

Strength = 25
Agility = 90
Vitality = 12

Level 70 Promotion Stats:Tiger Archer

Strength = 45
Agility = 150
Vitality = 22

Level 100 Promotion Stats: Dragon Archer

Strength = 60
Agility = 215
Vitality = 32

Level 110 Promotion Stats:Archer Master

Strength = 68
Agility = 235
Vitality = 34

Credit IceDragonMaster/Official Site

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Chapter 6: Gems/Gem Quality/Gem Effects

Introduction To Gems:

*Gems can be inserted in socketed items to give the item magical properties. Once a gem has been inserted into an item, it cannot be removed. There is only one way to remove the gem once its been inserted, you may visit Artisan Cloud in Phoenix Castle (243,237). He can help you insert your gems into your weapon and help you remove them.

*Note: Once the gem is removed, it will disappear. You'd better think twice before removing gems and inserting them.

*There are Three Grades of Gems: Normal, Refined and Superior. There are Eight Types of Gems: Dragon, Phoenix, Kylin, Moon, Rainbow, Violet, Fury and Tortoise.

*If different type of Gems are inserted into a Weapon, the Attack displayed will randomly vary between the affects caused by the Gem, even though the Weapon will be attacking with all the effects given it by the Gems at the same time.

- Credit Official Site/edited by Me

NOTE: Only Super Gems Provide Visual Effects. The Visual Effects Of The Super Gems Can Be Seen Under Each Category Following The Text "Picture:", Click The Link And You Will Be Able To See What The Visual Effect For What That Super Gem Looks Like.

Violet Gem: Increases Weapon Proficiency

Normal: 30%
Refined: 50%
Super: 100%


Moon Gem: Increase Spell Magic Experience

Normal: 15%
Refined: 30%
Super: 50%


RainbowGem: Increases Character's Kill Experience Gained

Normal: 10%
Refined: 15%
Super: 25%


Kylin Gem: Increases weapon durability

Refined: 100%
Super: 200%


Phoenix Gem: Increases Magic Attack

Normal: 5%
Refined: 10%
Super: 15%


Dragon Gem: Increases Physical Attack

Refined: 10%
Super: 15%


Fury Gem: Increases Hit Accuracy

Normal: 5%
Refined: 10%
Super: 15%


Tortoise Gem: Reduces Damage Taken From Physical/Magic Attacks

Normal: 2%
Refined: 4%
Super: 6%


IceDragonMaster 12-01-2006 05:30

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Places To Mine/Level Requirements/Cost Requirements

What are the ores and gems used for?

(1) You can sell them for money.

(2) Euxenite Ores are used in many quests, like
Alchemist Quest, Captain Li Quest , and also used for Archer promotion.

(3) Gold Ores are used to leave the PK Prison, and complete the Alchemist Quest.

(4) You can Socket a gem in your equipment. Please learn more details about the Gems.


After you Get a Gem and a socketed item you want to put the Gem in, visit Artisan Cloud in Phoenix Castle (243,237). He can help you insert your Gems into your items as long as they have a socket in them.

Click on Artisan Cloud, a window will pop up for you to place your Socketed item in the Big slot and your Gem in the Small slot, then click Socket to get the Gem socketed into the item.

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Chapter 6: Mine Maps

Note: Curently Missing Metzone Mine(Will Be Updated)

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Chapter 10: Where is the Job Centre/What Is It?

What is the Job Centre?

The Job Centre is the place you go to for Promotion and to get Promoted to Higher Ranks in your class. When you Reach levels 15, 40, 70, 100, 110 you should go to Job Centre and get Promoted.

Why should I get Promoted?

If you get Promoted you will be able to wear higher level
Equipment that needs you to promote in order to wear it. You can also can also get Rewards for getting Promoted and When you get Promoted you also gain an extra amount of Hp/Mana depending on your class.

Where is the Job Centre?

The Job Centre is Located in Twin City. See the Picture Enclosed for more details.

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