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.†Brandøn†. 10-02-2007 18:39

ty for rep o.o

Nem~UK 10-02-2007 18:43

ty 4 my 5th bar ppl......reped all i can today,ill give more out tomoz :)

*Starlet* 10-02-2007 18:56

6 more pep till 1300 pep come on ppl go go go ill pep back after i cant pep atm damn this 24 hr thing

HamSupLo 10-02-2007 18:56


Originally Posted by Hand (Post 6410400)
@HamSupLo - Haha, I figured that if you weren't in my past 20 reps and sig, then something was wrong (well, I'm not that brilliant but it worked out). And I know what your name it true though?

The meaning is true, but it was just a nickname given to me during school by my friend that introduced me to CO, so I used it as a forum name :p
Not necessarily true in real life :(

Hand 10-02-2007 19:06

@HamSupLo - You're probably the one with the biggest difference in terms of post count to rep ratio. Geez xD

DustiJade 10-02-2007 19:13

\m/( *,* )\m/

Reppy has struck again I got you sst49 ;)
got alot of you till my rep bag once again became empty i left my name leave yours and I will return all thanks guys !!!!!!

HamSupLo 10-02-2007 19:15

I'm just pro :p

11 bars with some 300 posts, though I got caught up along with this thread in the beginning, which helped alot. (And asking people with huge post counts for rep xD)

At least I can +rep back for some decent amount of points now :)

Hand 10-02-2007 19:19

True. I'm dishing out 20+ rep now as oppose to my initial +11.

Hym V.5 10-02-2007 19:26

i peped everyone i could above me aww dam that wasnt much, 24!

HamSupLo 10-02-2007 19:31

How much rep do you have? 10-02-2007 07:05 PM Pep

^^ Was that you?

jengis 10-02-2007 19:32

cooli0 ppl who repped me got rep bck :o

*Starlet* 10-02-2007 19:38

2 more pep till 1300 rep come on ppls i cant pep back atm cuz of 24 hr thingy lol

Valkyrie 10-02-2007 19:43


Pockets 10-02-2007 20:30

will pep' who I owe when I can. :cool:

trent28o^^ 10-02-2007 20:34

got my first shiny today!!!!!!!

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