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*Napoleon* 10-10-2007 18:28

woot thx T.I. and flappy :)
now on the trail to getting my first shiny woooot

Randomguy46 10-10-2007 18:29

All Give Neps To The Guy Who Says Scammer! He Give Us All Neps

T.I.Marbury!! 10-10-2007 18:29


*Starlet* 10-10-2007 18:30

1864 pep peeps almsot 1900 lol

T.I.Marbury!! 10-10-2007 18:30

i still say lawler

*Napoleon* 10-10-2007 18:32


Originally Posted by *Starlet* (Post 6471516)
1864 pep peeps almsot 1900 lol

ill pep you soon as i get my list cleared up :)
i got 2 days worth of work so far so should on the second day depending on how many peple rep me i should be able to rep you :)

Randomguy46 10-10-2007 18:32

Wtf he gave me a nep and i lose 10 points... Craneses you better watch out.. if u botting u banned man.. ChaosDealer73 got my back...

T.I.Marbury!! 10-10-2007 18:34


Originally Posted by T.I.Marbury!! (Post 6471521)
i still say lawler

i agree

trigeki 10-10-2007 18:35

I want 2000 rep, rep me & i pay back when I can ;p actually my goal is kind of higher I want to be able to rep people like 200 reps lol one rep = 1 bar ;o

Randomguy46 10-10-2007 18:37


Originally Posted by T.I.Marbury!! (Post 6471557)
i agree

I agree

T.I.Marbury!! 10-10-2007 18:37

full on reps for today :(

*Napoleon* 10-10-2007 18:37

well ill keep reping you you keep reping me
my rep goes up when you rep me meaning ill give more rep when i rep you :)
eye for an eye

Randomguy46 10-10-2007 18:39

Reps are good idea

trigeki 10-10-2007 18:41


Originally Posted by Randomguy46 (Post 6471595)
Reps are good idea

your reps are worthless right now because they are little grey boxes then have no rep value at all you need to get rid of that red box & get more posts

Randomguy46 10-10-2007 18:43

I had 5 points... i got ONE nep from some guy with TWO boxes, and i go down ten WHAT THE FU(K

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