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cerberous/KiRA 01-11-2011 20:37

quote game
in the interest of my futile attempt to rez the forumz i have devised a game.
i will give you a quote and see if you can tell me the author.

P.S. since this thread is forum related and the forum is related to the game my thread is game related.
(translation for morons; if a=b, and b=c, then a=c k? :D )

OKAY! first quote will be an easy one:

"history is written by the winners"

ill give a really big cookie to whomever can tell me who said this quote, cuz i have no clue who said it...

"Fairy tales do not tell children that monsters exist; children already know monsters exist. Fairy tales tell children that monsters can be killed."

Only4Hahni 01-11-2011 22:46

cerberous/KiRA 01-12-2011 13:23

wow...i googled my own thread...they're good XD

there is allways sleep between part and meet,
with our usual words on the usual street.
so let us part like we allways do...
and in a world without you i'll dream of you.
when i come to let us meet,
with our usual words on the usual street.

beyond the path without you is a forgotten promise to keep.
we may have walked side-by-side,
but now we go back to back.
and though our paths may not cross,
all paths are connected somewhere.
when i get to where you are,
we may not appear to be as we were,
but we'll make another promise to keep.

i give a cookie to whomever can name where i got this :D

Only4Hahni 01-12-2011 15:11


cerberous/KiRA 01-12-2011 15:33

nope try again :p

Only4Hahni 01-14-2011 13:43

Gl at boot caamp

cerberous/KiRA 01-14-2011 18:37


Only4Hahni 01-14-2011 22:39

i said good luck in boot camp for when you go.

*** it tho

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