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vidal92 12-21-2009 16:35

Server: Phoenix
Split or Merge: Split/merge any of this
Reason: server phoenix is having big problem, since like 1 year just have 1 strong side, coz a lots of enemys stop play, they and us boring GWar. in last 2 months 3 +12 set stop play :s that is so sad

Destructive 12-21-2009 19:39

Merge or split: Merge
Reason: For the past 3-4 months, one guild has took over GW, and many events. Enemies don't show up..The server dies by the second. Its time for new players to come and play with us. :D

anpaff 12-23-2009 02:01


Originally Posted by dasiy1 (Post 10903405)
PLz im resqesting a split server in nature sunshine the server over has now become one sided because of demon box and alot of top players are now quiting the server and game

ninja ninja ninja
full 1 soc

you ask for a split because people quit playing game :confused:

Tiny81 12-23-2009 11:59

Split fire/water
From what i can tell no1 was asked if they wanted this merge that just took place 23rd Dec 2009. as a result of it the new "better" server is more than overloaded and its almost impossible to log in at any time of the day so its more than likely you wont ever get to sign in for flame lit and guild war also im expecting it to be impossible to get on for clan wars. there are so many other problems i could say about for this merge but for now i will leave it at the fact you cant sign in the server is VERY overloaded and no1 i know on water wanted it to happen!!!

ZizoMatrix 12-23-2009 19:33

Server: Constellations / Libra
Split or Merge: Merge
Server is boring, no one play, all moved to other servers or quit, server so dead GW so boring no enemy :mad:

kirby8787 12-24-2009 17:06

server. galaxy, pluto merge with eternity or Saturn
split or merge. merge
reason. well after the demon boxes alot of people quit pluto and why not remerge pluto with the server it originated from to reunite old friends and that :)
and our GW is very boring every one just sits around waiting for 1 guild to show that has like 50 people in against 500?

so pluto really could use a merge

DarkWis 12-25-2009 11:39

Merge Unicorn/Centaur

Reason: It's all empty...

ahmed9966 12-25-2009 19:51

reason over crowded and we hope it spelt to a euro server

Jamica 12-26-2009 07:44

Server:Hanging Gardens
Split or Merge: Merge or Split
Reason:Always Lagging And it takes 10 min to login even u VIP 6 after the demon box quest all the server now dead cuze many ppl Quite

Hoe~ 12-26-2009 08:28


Split or Merge: Merge

jibberjab2.0 12-26-2009 21:14

I would like to know what basis TQ does to have servers split or merged. This thread proves nothing but a bunch of people asking for merges and splits.

moneymoh 12-27-2009 10:44


Reason: Tigers dead and full of non english speakers

Perspective 12-27-2009 19:49

Server: Titan
Split or Merge: Merge
Reason: Really empty!

Elven_Archer 12-27-2009 21:51

Server: SnowWhite/Cinderella
Split or merge: merge
Reason: no more enemies to fight, the main enemy ppl quit after the demon boxes cause some ppl got +12s and they got scared lol

SuPeR_MaFiA 12-29-2009 09:23

Server : Scorpio
Reason : No Enemy ALL player real friend's we not have fun to play or fight we need got strong enemy to can keep play help us
Super-Erring SDG SDG +8 -3
Super-Necki SDG SDG +5 -1
Super-Ring SDG SDG +5 -1
Super-Boot SDG SDG +5 -3
Super-Vest SDG +5 -5
Super-Coat SDG SDG +6 -1
Super Tower SGG SGG +7
Super Fan STG RTG +6 -1
2- 2 Hand +8
Blade Sword Clup 130 +5 SDG SDG
Osama :D

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