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BeniRako 10-26-2009 11:53

Server : Water
Split/Merge : Merge

Water needs a merge with any other server . Too little people in discity ,gw is one sided cause we got one rich br who bulked his tao and trojan full +12 with +8 stones together with the rest of the server kissing his ass . like 10 of us vs everyone else .

TheChampion 10-26-2009 15:19

merge water with dark

L.A.T.T 10-28-2009 07:43

Server: Constellations / Capricorn
Split or Merge: Merge
Reason: Never something to do, only time people get on is GW and they're pretty boring these days! more players would definatly spicen it up abit

Nicknac425 10-30-2009 18:15

Server : Pharos/TempleArtmis
Split/Merge : Merge

Pharos needs a merge because no one is ever at guild wars, its always a boring 3 hours. This is even for super guild wars.

AzNgUy 10-31-2009 07:35

Server: Sunshine
Merge/Split: Merge please!

pegazzos 11-02-2009 10:48

Can we merge water with Dark!?

Reason: GW is dead, therefore Server is dead no one logs in anymore!

DarkScorpion 11-02-2009 20:29

Merge Turquoise with Honor

Demonbabe57 11-02-2009 20:48

Split dream, we need it badly.

tsongo23 11-02-2009 20:50

very crowded

PedoBear@wOrk 11-06-2009 20:03

Seriosly, people on Gryphon/Cerberus are qyuiting because of this:
1) There are no market left
2) No people Online anymore

Split/merge this server with snowfall!!

TrunkzJr 11-07-2009 16:39

TQ ffs Constellation; aquarius needs to be merged its UTTERLY DEAD, go look for yourselves stupid ****s, you want Income but u keep DEAD SERVERS ALIVE!


pegazzos 11-09-2009 20:01

Server: water


Reason: Server is dead for months now. There is no DIS city no Guild War everything is just too boring. We need a merge ASAP!

The.SpongeBob 11-12-2009 21:39

Split snowwhite ploxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DarkWis 11-14-2009 17:32

merge unicorn!!!!

justacityboy! 11-18-2009 19:16

Server:Classic ---> Liberty
Reason: It' Full Already... One sever for classic co seems a little weird for how many people there are on all the other severs that want to play

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