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Zealots Fury 11-19-2010 16:26

Balance Triple Attack - 300% Melee Damage = OP
Triple attack against monsters is fine.

Monk beads essentially have the same attack as Swords @ 130 if you compare them.

When you melee, you have a chance to attack 3 times instantly instead of just 1 time.

Effectively this means 100% Weapon + 100% weapon + 100% weapon in the same instant!

At Elementary the chance vs monster is 40% -> Take 1/3 is about 13% chance on players. I would anticipate that as it levels the %s are prob going to be: 40-45-50-55-60.

VS player this means Fixed has a 20% chance of activating.

Penetration the dagger passive skill at fixed has a 15% chance to activate and at most does 240% Weapon Damage. Don't forget you have to wear a dagger which has substantially less base attack too!

20% Chance (vs player) of effectively 300% weapon Triple Attack

Compared to:

15% Chance of 240% Weapon Dagger Penetration


Nerf SOMETHING. Clearly this is by far the most superior melee passive skill in the game by a margin that is way too outrageous!

Orcstone 11-19-2010 16:34

your base'ing this on simple calculations, that and cant say that through this test realm we have an accurate idea of what the skill fixed is going to be etc. your jumping to conclusions i see your point, however think you can have crit strike chance of 20pct....but does it always hit 1 in 4? nope. id say give it till the end of the week, hopefully tq will sort the server so we can see what its like at higher levels and give another opinion, same with your other post

Gh•st 11-20-2010 06:05

Triple Attack - This is a unique skill for Monks and Saints. 40% chance to attack 3 times in a row on monsters, and 1/3 chance against players.

40% > 4:10/2:5 attempts to do triple hit on monsters
1/3 > 100% / 3 > 33.33%(etc) to triple hit a player so basically 1 in 3 hits is triple

-AfterLife- 12-07-2010 21:53

Give them a chance before you create a thread for every skill the class possesses. Triple attack has a low success rate thus in those three attempts trying to succeed with the attack you could be taken down.

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