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SnOwYOshI 03-01-2015 19:47

General Discussion
Hey iPad players,

This is Expak!
Im returning player on GoldenApple server. I had half +7 and +8 set with 1 +12 Trojan. Im back now. Don't plan on being as strong but I wanted to start a thread for everyone to talk about whatever this and that.

Lately I've really been thinking about how the level 130 weapon cosmetics look so much cooler for the most part. Im kind of jelly that iPad co doesn't have dragon warrior but at least computer version is like beta for us ha. Plus its super lame dragon warriors only have like 1 armor visual? But their skills are super awesome looking and super unfair that they're so awesome looking especially with the comic book style words.. so jelly

Oh btw I lost all my gear the first time cause my brother started to play the game... lost my gear and lets say I don't even talk to my brother now... smh family.

SnOwYOshI 03-01-2015 19:57


Am i the only one who misses the original iPad co interface..? how hard is it to really implement one feature in the settings to just switch interface sometimes. I really hate the new interface. Co has survived so long mainly based on its great interface.

WoodfordO 03-06-2015 08:08

No one uses the forums :(

SnOwYOshI 03-07-2015 15:34

yeah i have noticed.... lol

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