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Mr.Tom 02-12-2012 19:49

We can HARDLY enter TC (and wherever crowded) recently. And also continuously get disconnected then.

Do you have any solution for it? the problem seems more and more serious day by day...

Im using iPad 1.

haven.hatty 02-14-2012 03:45

Do you have any solution for it? the problem seems more and more serious day by day.

Krufe 02-28-2012 22:36

Weapon Animation
i equip a wand and then snow happens like normal then when i switch back to dual club the animation for rage disappears? i still do damage to monsters around me but just no animation. :confused:

Shadow-Blaze 03-10-2012 23:14

Mana backsword
While casting fire or nado with a mana bs the animation for the skill is there. When you use a skill like cure,fire circle or meditation it does not show the animation of the skill. Also while you cast fire/nado on stuff my guy stops the casting animation and faces looking in the top left of the map. It also some times stops the casting of the spell not all the time tho. Another thing is it looks like I take damage when it gives me mana but it doesn't which begins to becoming confusing , the animation in the pc verison shows it as blue while on here it shows it in yellow like for damage.

Aegisone 03-19-2012 18:47

Frantic monkey quest - invincible monkeys
I guess you can call it a bug since it seems like it's fixed on the pc version with the newest update but not yet on the iPad.
The venomous apes' defense is still way too high. My fire Taoist does 17 damage with lightning while doing 22 by swinging my backsword. Making it impossible for me to kill all the monkeys before someone comes and takes one away.
Will their defenses be lowered on the next update just like the pc version?

Mayflower 03-21-2012 16:07

If equip bow and arrow on the secondary gear tab, Ninja can't perform 2 fold while equipping primary gears

Mayflower 03-21-2012 21:41

Ninja 2 fold arena bug?
Apparently it doesn't happen because of the bow.

Elite pk last week, for 3 fights in a row, I could not use 2 fold. Finally the one after removing the weapon from secondary tab, I could two fold again.

This week in team pk, I was fine on first two matches. On the third one, I was going against another ninja Mason. Throughout the entire fight, I could not 2 fold at all. He stood in front of me many times, and the skill just didn't work. There's no weapon in secondary tab and I tried to remove katanas and put them back. It didn't help at all. A friend whispered me to take off the skill from the bar and drop them back in, and it didn't work either.

colinx 04-13-2012 01:23

Thanks for your submitting, I'll collect them from time to time.

Regards ;)

expadaloco 04-17-2012 05:30

Super heaven fan - quest glitch
The glitch is welcome though it saves some time.

As per CO super heaven fan guide under no. 4 you do not need to kill the Brigand mobs for the bee-kettle. I disconnected the game after received the Poison Fang and after logging in I ended up in Bird Island from there scrolled tp Dessert City and was able to continue the quest without killing the Brigands.

Either 1 time lucky or a true glitch in this quest. :D

SteelNeo 04-17-2012 08:17

Unable to open NPC Shopkeeper
I am unable to open the Shopkeeper in TC. She turns in my direction when i tap on her, but the store does not open.

expadaloco 04-18-2012 08:40


Originally Posted by SteelNeo (Post 11694468)
I am unable to open the Shopkeeper in TC. She turns in my direction when i tap on her, but the store does not open.

Use the shopkeeper next to your wharehouse. :) that one does work.

WindaceR 04-24-2012 05:23

Are we still suppose to get cps from reporting these things?

siaw 04-26-2012 16:56

The new version 2002 bugs: (1) the jumping-running bug,while jumping from one spot to another it tends to switch to running mode many have encountered this problem.pls fix it or else pvp is really difficult.

(2) cant buy says contact itunes support. while the others r working just fine like thr 1050cps.

cherokee98 04-26-2012 17:59

Cp bug
I have found if you use same account info for both of the new servers and you buy cps on one server they may appear on the other... I bought some for my Trojan on golden apple and the appeared on my acc on icouquer... Not knowing what happened I bought more... Thinking it just didn't go through ... I feel jipped now... Can I get my money back or atleast the cps transferred to my Trojan on goldenapple....

Ajudicator 04-26-2012 21:29

Pirate weapon skill vanish?
Everything was going fine until all of a sudden rapier skill level "disappeared" and i could no longer equip my newer weapons because of weapon level 3 is in red

Few in the goldenapple server seems to also experience this problem. I am in conquer server and it prevents any more hunting. Fast response appreciated:)

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