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banana 07-20-2006 02:25

Report Ingame/Website Typo, Grammar, and Help Box Errors Here
If you see any typos and grammer errors in game or on the site, welcome to post them here. Thanks. :p

necromancer 07-20-2006 11:28

Message sent! Please talk through GM chennel every two minutes!

Recorded. :) ---By banana

ananta... 07-26-2006 09:26

warriors lvl 69 instant help "?"
it says, " Job: get promoted to SiLvlerWarrior with an emerald etc etc etc..."

It has been updated long time ago. When did you find the problem? :) ---By banana

Naifu 07-27-2006 07:35

Webpage error
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Is this normal? Look at the red "circle".

Account > Modify data

Btw. that is picture missing icon.

p.s. Look at 2000 - 200"6" at the bottom. I guess you could edit the picture a little better.

I think the code not show has something to do with the connection. It always doesnt work to you? We will correct '6'. =) ---By banana

Schanz 07-27-2006 17:21

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Just look at picture ;)

The multiple Ryee's are a placeholder for future celebrity servers.

Great work. You are very considerate. Thanks. Icy has answered one question for me. The menu on KO board page works to me:confused: And we have corrected all the other mistakes. If you see more, please feel free to post them here. Thanks a billion. :p ---By banana

FrostRime 07-28-2006 16:18

Phoenix Description
When activating the phoenix sword skill scroll. It says something about the Roamer skill for whips rather than phoenix skill. Skill window says you got your phoenix skill though. Just a translation error, oops lol

Fixed. :) ---By banana

Rare Itemz 07-30-2006 09:26

Whip Skill mistake on site
I dont know if im in the right topic..
i dont even know if its really a mistake.. but i got some proof

Anyways.. on the site it says dat the whip has 4-5 range n 9 distance
But on the game i cant hit 2 stakes?? while i can hit 2 stakes wit rage(2range9distance)--------(used robot to go in mid of 2 stakes)
So wats up wit dat? is the site wrong?? can u guys explain dis to me if u guys know

I hope the gm makes the whip skill in the game really 4-5/9 cuz i used 1.3mill,2 draggys,2normviolets,tons of mets, n lots of time training the whip skill(still am)

LanceGoodthrust 08-01-2006 17:00

Rare Itemz, It is not the range of the weapon that determines the number of posts in the TG you hit, it is the nature of the skill... for example.. Rage (club skill) hits the enemies surrounding you when hunting... in the TG, if you stand between the 2 posts use robot (or use a 2 handed weapon then change after starting attack) rage can reach both the posts around you, however other skills, like penetrate (dagger), pheonix (sword) will only hit the target chosen (you can only hit the post you attack in TG with it)

Hope this clears things up a bit for you.

Rare Itemz 08-01-2006 18:08

thx it does:D
So whip can only hit 1 stake in tg...
but my friend told me dat he can hit 2..
but o well he probably got mixed up

Waterman 08-04-2006 15:38

Spell Check
might wanna read over this again and have it spell checked if possible i noticed a few of them like "Frow" should be "From" Thanks

Corrected. :) ---By banana

Roflzor 08-07-2006 07:48

2nd socket message
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i got 2nd socket in my blade in tc and message said i got only first gem socket -.-

Recorded. :) ---By banana

DaManFromNoWher 08-17-2006 19:12

WebSite (and BBS) Bug
Error: document.clock has no properties
Source File:
Line: 55

Pyromaster!!! 08-19-2006 19:05

super pheonix gem...
when you look at someones equipment and look at the gems it will say like Attack +10% or Exp +25%, but with a super pheonix gem there is no space, its just M-Attack+15%. its been like this forever and nobody notices... lol

Mr. Sparkle 08-23-2006 22:47

Fixed boot name/graphic error
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I was hunting and noticed that the graphic for lvl 30 fixed boots was wrong... Im here just to report, and maybe let TQ know it needs fixing...

Recorded. :) ---By banana

alleykatt 08-28-2006 05:19

warrior hat bug/missed text?
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not sure if its been mentioned before? when my warrior got 52 the "?" didnt tell me i could upgrade my helm, if it wasnt for me looking around the market i wouldnt of known :o

as you see from the pic? no info tellin you can upgrade helm at L52.

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