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MercofROC3 03-16-2008 17:41

started cabal
hella fun so far

anyone else play that wants to lend a noop a helping hand in wtf to do?

level 4, force blader atm

i dont see many force bladers around... should i have gone warr?

MercofROC3 03-16-2008 18:12


Unprofessional 03-16-2008 20:51

I have an account on it, but have not really played it much. It's a decent game with reasonable graphics.

Duke! 03-16-2008 20:53

Force Bladers are ownage. They are to strong, I think. Especially later on they get a crap load of crazy debuffs, buffs, continuous damage, and a handful of the games strongest skills. They are pro.

They do have a few draw backs though.

1. Hard for new players.
2. Require to train Magic, and Sword to be a good FB.

I'm Korobelus in Venus server. 91 Warrior, Completer rank, almost Transender, you ?

Link97 03-17-2008 13:15

Quit when they patched the GG bypass.

stanisIav 03-17-2008 13:34

Level 41 Warrior. Flex.

Except I quit, 'cause I couldn't get a cape.

Sharpshot 03-17-2008 14:31

I was like lvl 2x then I've quit was boring :(
Hero Online is much better

Duke! 03-17-2008 14:34


Originally Posted by Link97 (Post 7757032)
Quit when they patched the GG bypass.

You can still bypass that.

SioKanla 03-17-2008 20:07

GG Bypass? What does that mean?

MercofROC3 03-18-2008 19:09

i hate hero online :x

hero's weapon and armor system is soooo poo

im on mercury server, wanna help a noop out duke?

MercofROC3 03-18-2008 19:10

ill make a new char in venus xD

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