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gemetare 11-18-2009 02:37

****ing TQ - No Poll
TQ change the guild format.....its kool....but u should alow that GL to have posibility to put an minimum donation per day for all members.......donation can be automatically put out from members when they log in.......for example: some members join in guild but they never donate to guild fund.....they are PKed and whait that GL to expell theme.....whith this new sistem for unlocking arsenal GL need suport from all guildie....90 percent of members dont care, but they whant more BP from guild.
U can alow Gl to put an minimum donation for hes guildie (ex. minimum donation per day= 50k). 50k is not an imposible amount to pay even for a noob, but it help the guild.

this wasnt aproved or even think about it....i wonder why?......because TQ whant more db buyers? or why the **** they implemnted so manny things what requier dbs?....and why the **** they are so gridy? ........this isnt an ****ing funny game, this is an ****ing banck for retards TQ.

anpaff 11-18-2009 02:48

this is the second time you post this it **** and no poll again they need to ban poeple like you

ananta...~v.4 11-18-2009 03:05

Hmmm no.

Trovian 11-18-2009 03:41

The thing is, it isn't a bad suggestion (although per week would be preferred imo). But you don't put a poll, the title is abusive towards TQ, meaning they really won't want to implement your suggestion and you can't type for sh*t.

~Zesty~ 11-18-2009 05:14

Im a gl...and members having to pay a min dontaion of even 50k PER DAY wont work.Some members dont play everyday,therefor r not on to even wat happens there?

Wat happens if they dont log in for a while and the amount of days adds up to 1kk and they dont have that money stored?

..and wat about high lvls...50k a day is peanuts..when a lvl 133 in ur guild gets owned and can lose 2 to 3 wat if u have a high lvl in ur guild who is a pker and goes black named...gets owned a few times with crappy gear on?

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