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Fullmetal666 10-17-2007 13:54

LiL-Player, I can't rep you back right now. Sorry.

.†Brandøn†. 10-17-2007 13:55


Originally Posted by .†Brandøn†. (Post 6526091)

itamouse 10-17-2007 13:55


Originally Posted by Suga (Post 6526085)
finally hit 1500 and I rep'd a few more people and nep'd the one guy who wanted to be nep'd

there joo are!!
i owe's joo rep from a while back, but all posts i found of yours, i've already rep'd, lol!!!
*noted: rep joo tomorrow* :)

Cagd 10-17-2007 13:55

Thanks, Ive added Rumbling_Slum and Suga to growing list, get you all when i can tomorrow.

Well off to watch some tv cya all later.

Fullmetal666 10-17-2007 13:55

Oh, and thanks for the second shiny!
It was either LiL-Player or Rumbling_Slum that got it for me.
I'm not sure which one.

Ibo 10-17-2007 13:58

I R close to my 3rd bar so keep the reps coming :p

CooterBug 10-17-2007 13:59

I have like 60 pts! Im still trying to get my post count up so my boxes will be green

WarChildRAWR 10-17-2007 13:59

Peeeeeeeeeeep PLEX!

ReGiMe~CreW 10-17-2007 14:00

thx for the nep suga

.†Brandøn†. 10-17-2007 14:00

K im out but b4 i go PEEP :cool:

Valkyrie 10-17-2007 14:00


Chrissy 10-17-2007 14:01


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 6525369)
hmm why do you give a gray bar?You are over 2000 posts and over 100 rep.Why is that?Anyone?

I gave you my first rep now. How could you know I'm giving grey ones? o.O

CrestX 10-17-2007 14:02

571 baby

LegacyWeapon 10-17-2007 14:05

281 keep peppin btw gottawyn post soon i cant find your post anywhere

LiL-Player 10-17-2007 14:06


Originally Posted by Rumbling_Slum (Post 6526099)
Repped :

Rep me back please :p

thanks. ill get u bk tmoro :)

@metal: dw bout it just get me when u can :) <33

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