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Administrator 05-31-2010 21:45

Statement on Recent Server Botjailings
We at TQ would like to make an announcement about the recent server botjailings that have occured, and to hopefully clarify things for our loyal players.

First of all, if you are one of the players that has been jailed, there is no mistake. You were identified as using illegal programs while playing Conquer Online, and have now been jailed for it.
If you find yourself in Botjail, you will need to pay the CP fine to be released. You will NOT be let out of jail, unless the fine has been paid. This means that you should not harrass GMs in-game, or through the Support assistance, to claim innocence and ask to be let out. There is no error, and your request will be denied.

We will increase our efforts to limit and remove bot programs, as well as severely punish those who are caught using them. As such, we again strongly advise our players to refrain from using any such programs, as your accounts will be at risk. We also caution players against these bots, as they make your account information openly available to these bot distributors, and so run a high risk of having your items and account hacked or stolen.

We appreciate all of the people who come to enjoy Conquer Online, and will no longer allow such flagrant violations to go unpunished. We wish to see Conquer Online as a safe, bot-free environment, and will do everything possible to make it so.

Thank you all, and remember to safely enjoy Conquer Online!

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