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deadmetal 12-24-2007 12:31

Making Money
whats the best way to make money with a lvl 130 archer?

IslandMan 12-24-2007 12:40

Metzone was pretty good until the price of mets dropped.

Hunting is a bit tedious.

Get a few waters in a stack - power level them to 110 and reborn. For each water, a DB and a super gem....sell the water.

DeathRow 12-24-2007 12:56

if you have good enough gear water farming is hands down :) and once you get enough cash from wfing invest in rain gear so you can do it faster :cool:

SirGawain 12-24-2007 13:36

How to: Built an army of waters.

Things you will need:

* A 120+ archer
* A water tao of the opposite sex as that archer.
* A noobie who's lvl is significantly than the water
* A stacker
* Tons of arrows
* charisma

Why you would want a water army?

I know what you're thinking, "Waters are the weakest class, what good are they?" As this may be true, waters can rb quicker than all of the other classes, at 110. they also get double exp for every kill that a team member gets them.

Also, the money. When a character rbs for the first time, they get a super gem, they also receive a dragon ball upon promotion at lvl 110, and a normal rainbow gem at lvl 100, and lastly, when they do rb and lvl back to lvl 100 the rb will receive a unique socketed armor of their class.

And let's not forget that water rbs are one of the most useful players in gw, as they can relot their points and have up to 12k hp. But if waters are not your thing, you could always just rb into any other class.

How to: Plvl to 110

* First marry your archer and the water that you want rbed. this will give the water double exp when they lvl just from being married.
* Next, plvl that water to lvl 68 at bird island. this shouldn't be too hard since you're 120.
* Then Plvl at birdmen from lvl 68 to lvl 70. upon hitting lvl 70 be sure to promote your water, so that they may receive water's double exp. Now continue at birdmen till lvl 73.
* Then Plvl at Alienapes, from 73-78. This is the first mob that is located in Adventure Zone, which you can get to by asking players on your server, "which gc goes to az?". If you're on a new server, and for some reason don't have gcs that go there, here's the map which shows u how to get there .
* Next Plvl at SeniorSnakemen, from 78-83.
* Then Serpents, from 83-93.
* then Alien Serpents, from 93-98.
* Then Basilisks, from 98-110

Tips and Hints

* Get dragon gems in your sockets.
* Get Rainbow gems in your water's sockets.
* Do NOT pk. Even if you have a trojan, it is safest never to pk, but for the sake of ksers; if do make a trojan, don't let anyone know it's you who is doing the killing.
* Do NOT KS!!! this is the fastest way to make enemies.
* Dual. This is the process of putting 2 archers in the team, and two waters in the team, with one exp noob, and having someone else stack. A lot of times the spawns will be taken by other archers, who would really mad if u ksed them, so just ask to dual and you can both win.
* Use exp pots. They're amazing! If you just use the db you get from the 110 promotion to buy exp pots you can use an exp pot every step of the way.

How to: Start your water army.
So, now you're a lvl 119 archer, and you want to start farming a water army.

* First, get a 2soc 1 hand melee item and put 2 rainbows in it[DO NOT RB WITH THIS ITEM], make sure it's a sword or dagger, anything u can hold in one hand, you'll thank me later.
* Your first rb should be a water, get a super rainbow gem. Plvl that water to lvl 100, and collect the lvl 100 promo. Then place the super rainbow gem u got in that socket.
* Plvl your second rb, rb it archer (be sure to wear the rainbow robe that you got from the last rb when you rb). then lvl that archer to lvl 100, and collect your socketed archer coat.
* Repeat, again and again, untill all of your friends have waters, and you're able to stop worrying about the sockets that need super gems, but have to start worrying about what you're going to do with all this money you have.

After you've got your socketed archer coat, it's up to you whether you think you need more attack power to kill mobs quicker, or if you need better rainbows to make your kills more effective.

Also, when you get up into the ranks, and start getting socketed items you should keep upping the lvl of those items and rbing them, they should get u a 2nd socket ^^

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