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Bob the Builder 05-07-2011 09:25


Originally Posted by Craneses (Post 11529780)
Basically, they give better stats to your weapon/armor. There for each gear, there is 6 phases, basically just higher stats the higher the phase.

All it does if give extra stats (like attack or defense) and changes the look of your weapon.

It's also, timed. So you would only have 7 days with it once you've put it on, which is called "Purify".

You can make the dragon soul permanent, but it costs alot of cps/dbs, because you have to buy permanent stones, and each phase requires more stones.

Oh and you don't have to start from phase 1, you can just buy or find a phase 4 and just purify.

And that's what i know of it so far. haha

Huh, well that explains a lot.
Thanks a load. :3

Cloud~ 05-07-2011 10:27


I play on maxed out chars ;.;

well I have quit for 5 months now tho ;0

Alek3 05-07-2011 10:51

lucky you, i haven't had a single good character in the 5 years ive played

Bob the Builder 05-07-2011 12:04

Oh. My. ****.
This explains so much.
Explains why I couldn't log into this site. I changed my username, and every time I tried signing in with my old username, it failed.
I've missed out on replying to this PM for like a week thanks to my idiocy. :3

Is it sad that this is the most alive the rep/nep thread has been in a while?

Alek3 05-07-2011 12:06

It was most active around '07 I think.

Bob the Builder 05-07-2011 12:14

I think the entire forum as a whole was most active in '07.
I remembering lurking around (OT and my chit-chat mostly) before I finally decided to make an account here in early '08 and it was pretty busy.

Alek3 05-07-2011 12:26

TQ really needs to give old players a reason to come back.

Bob the Builder 05-07-2011 13:30

Just realizing I haven't played CO properly since late '09.
****ing highschool, suck my nuts. Ruinin' everything and all.

Ley 05-07-2011 15:01

damn I quit playing in '07, when the forums were way more interesting than the game itself lol
I think I'm gonna download the game again just to mess around a little, what server are you all on?

Alek3 05-07-2011 16:07

I'm on Libra, stay away at all costs. It's like 10:1 Egy:English Speaker ratio.

IluminatI 05-07-2011 18:31

stay away from centaur also.

in fact... just stay away in general.

Paper~DeidaraZ 05-07-2011 18:35

join pyramid, there are no egys at all :rolleyes:

Alek3 05-07-2011 19:18

Once you get sucked back in there's no escape.

Ley 05-07-2011 19:44

Trust me man, I'm am long done with this game, I just wanna jump around and see what the game is like these days. I definitely do not have the time to spend playing co like I used to, even if I wanted to.

Bob the Builder 05-07-2011 21:34

Silly kitty, if you sit on my lap while I'm Mathing, you'll get eraser shavings all over yourself. :o

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