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thehempknight 12-29-2009 02:07

The Nostalgia Thread
This thread is for everything old and fond. We're talking antique, here. Memories, stories, pics... Anything that makes you lean back and remember...


jackoffthebox 12-29-2009 21:03

I remember when I sold a uni 2 soc bow for 70 dbs 2 weeks after archer came out. Bought myself full elite and super 1 soc weps :cool:

*~panda~* 12-30-2009 11:48

when everyone was sitting in AC chatting n being carefree

phini4eva 12-30-2009 11:50

selling a normal fury gem for 15 mill becuase that gem could only be mined at the TC mine :D

Hebby 12-30-2009 13:25

First reborn not working then a huge 'conquer party' when BladeNight was the first one to go and reborn on Conquer.

The long HP bar on the metdoves and the pain they caused when zapping you. Actualy being able to find the DB fish!

Archers with fixed rapid fire were feared amongst players for their ability to 1 hit shoot.

The old guild war map

Mining my first gem in jail!

Selling Fire of Hell for 15kk

Renaming of gems (I only remember that dragon gem was once a sad gem - the others I dont recall)

The introduction of Labarynth - everyone doing it to make the box thingy at the end to find they got a few mets after hours of collecting items... (was still fun though)

PK wars in Jail - fun against MECH

Provocative 12-30-2009 17:06

When people actually cared for each other.

*K*v11 12-30-2009 20:19

ya lotto and DB lvling and potency lolz its so talisman's and steed ahahaha egyptians and toxic fog derp


Originally Posted by jackoffthebox (Post 10918131)
I remember when I sold a uni 2 soc bow for 70 dbs 2 weeks after archer came out. Bought myself full elite and super 1 soc weps :cool:

do not believe you

Royalite 01-02-2010 17:51

When the Phoenix GM would go pking in the arena after her shift.

The whole server crammed into that little room only to get two-shot scattered by a normal bow in a GM robe.

She just dropped the whole room but we kept coming. It was soo fun. The score was about 3 to 9000 in her favor of course.

The server would go crazy when she did this and everyone was a buzz. Those who managed the kill shot were revered LOL.

Then someone went whining on the forums and GMs weren't allowed to equip weapons anymore.

For the life of me though I can't remember the GMs name. Too long ago =S

T.I.Marbury!?!? 01-02-2010 18:10

all the great events...

Halloween event in gw map killing those sand king lookin things

Thanksgiving event great drops from the turkeys

Christmas exp pots x300 and x500

Easter egg smash for dances and night devil

socket trick use a met and scroll 0.o? ( never was able to test ppl said it worked for like a couple days)

when pk tourney changed maps every week to the different cities

fighting over ape spawns

huge battles in ape mountain.

some guy killed a gm once fbing him in tc and sitting under guard and got a bunch of super +4 soc items LMFAO. the gm didn't even kno who killed him cuz he was afk.

that top player on dragon got the gm robe(forgot his name started with an h i think)

war-archer reborn got superman.

heini 01-02-2010 19:00

i remember a bunch of noobs in ref and uni soc items running around when you were able to talk to the guy in bi, tele to PC run to the soc guy put the item in and just put a gem in and it made the socket in any item =D

but the legit thing i miss is spamming for socs every morning before school.. and if i got to make 1 or 2 before class i would just leave em vending, come back after school and look for better gear.. sigh, the good ol' days.

Attila_123 01-02-2010 23:50

Seeing this and going, Hey jealousy.

Doc.ackerson 01-05-2010 12:06

Thread with hundreds of 2005-2006 character names of those that played Faith server.

Hebby server character names of many I knew, 2006-07.

I posted 1 with each countdown so it may take a while.,

my characters are also there... latest

for earlier character pic

My friend Oggler posted in forums 3 years ago. I think it would be his birthday this week. I remember him and many I played with. In remembrance if him, fixall from Glory, Greg from Dreams, DARKEN_NITE from Faith, and the many,many others who contributed their presence and efforts to the forum, the game.

Lotak 01-05-2010 15:05

I remember when I found an elite level 45 necklace at Sand Elves and was offered 3 dbs from various people. I ended up giving it to my in game wife for free. She was pleasantly surprised and pleased.

HitAndRun 01-06-2010 23:14

I remember when TQ didnt have to make a section like this because so many ppl were NOT quitting :D

And of course the AC pk wars :)

Neko.chan 01-07-2010 00:55

The huge pk wars in AC.
Everyone playing "Simon Says" in AC, then having a huge dance party.
The 'glitch' to dance with weapons on.
Mining, and mine pking.
First time a higher level hit me for 1's on my warrior.
Trying to duel with my warrior...didn't work so well.
Powerleveling noobs in AC

Actually having a community on CO, not a bunch of ****faced fogging ninjas.

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