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ZhangJiao 05-19-2006 15:49

This probably isn't the place for this but I figured it was as good as any....

In the market today and I recieved a whisper from db.lottery(G|M)
saying I had won some sort of dragon ball lottery and to claim the prize I had to go to the following site:

Figureing this was a fraud I decided to try to notify the real GM's in game but can't figure out how so I posted it here hoping a GM can see to this problem. Thanks!

Baby Icey 05-19-2006 16:10

Thank you, I will copy this to mod section and report. :)

Please list what server you play. Thanks again.


To Report Other Fake GMs in this Thread:

~ Provide the character name AND server
~ Or attach a screenshot (with name or conversation)

ZhangJiao 05-19-2006 16:55

You are most welcome! Sorry for not including the server. It is Galaxy, Saturn. And here I thought I was doing a good job of including all pertinent information! LoL!

Baby Icey 05-19-2006 17:02

Thanks much. :)

Xen_Gin 05-19-2006 17:13

There was one on Tornado named "TornadoG.M." Trying to get people to give up "hacked" items.

Reported to GMs - Icey

nyadney 05-19-2006 18:21

the db lottery guy was hanging around dragon and blizzard for a while

Each account I know of was reported to GMs - Icey

keogy 06-04-2006 20:29

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Well I guess this ss is proly enough proof 0= Volcano Server Ban plx lol

Reported to GMs - Icey

Kelemvour 06-14-2006 00:10

Wanna be GM in Saturn
While out hunting in the New Forest Wind Snake area I was accosted by "wendel", after Capture-killing him twice he sent me the following whisper:

Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: wr r u[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: im a gm[2:19]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: Suuure you are.[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: i give u same iteam[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: yea[2:19]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: I'm pretty sure the GMs 1) know where people are and 2) can spell.[2:20]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: i a im GMs[2:20]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: Oh yeah? Why isn't it in your name then.[2:21]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: look me[2:21]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: You do realize impersonating a GM will get you kicked.[2:21]
Obviously I wasn't foolish enough to fall for it, I mean the guy doesn't even have a fake representation of [GM] in his name, but I thought I'd let someone know.

This happened on the Saturn Server, time is stamped in the text.

Reported to GMs - Icey

pcwiz101 06-15-2006 18:44

Fake GM
tornado server ~gm~pkudead
i wasn't stupid enough to fall for that guy either :D

Reported - Icey

kiriya 06-22-2006 02:21

JuneGM - the GM of Dream -> Glory server is a hacker/scammer!! TQ you need to do something about this! A number of people already have been victims, (And I have already forewarded my e-mail proof to the service e-mail) But I want to let it be known that JuneGM it seems has been e-mailing people asking for their account information and hacking them and I have to say that it is really scary as a player to know that a GM is going around hacking and scamming people

MDLR 06-22-2006 02:36

Confirmed that something fishy is going on...


Smekeru 06-27-2006 17:41

Death to all scammers!!!
There is a fake GM on Mars server.
His nick is Drake.G.M.
I think it's the same person as MakeMe, who is a scammer.
If u ban him, he said he runs a stolen IP.

Reported to GMs - Icey

župerman 07-05-2006 09:16

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heres 1 for ya

Can you copy the name here? Thanks. ---By banana

amis 07-13-2006 21:50


Thank you. I've removed the screenshot and reposted it in Mod Section because of the link provided in it. :)

So banana, if you read this, it's posted in the Fake GM thread in Mod.

amis 07-14-2006 03:16

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