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PINOYRULES 07-27-2010 04:24

Clan Map Bug
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To CindyZ :

Yeah my Clan "still" occupied the clan map which supposed to be 30+ days today but suddenly it went back to zero days i never get experience for today as well as my clan mate, all i got is the reward like expballs etc. and also first time i saw that system says " claimed. claim after 20:30 " this supposed to be 21:00 isn't. anyway my concern is we didn't get experience for today and I'm afraid it will be the same for tomorrow and the following days.

I made the attachment here cuz in private message there's no attachment button there and i don't know why lol...peace out CindyZ


CindyZ 07-28-2010 01:46

Thanks for posting it here. I really don't know how can the occupying days will deduct from 30 to 0. If you have any screenshots of your clan occupying the map for more than 0 days before, you may post it here. Thanks.
And for "Claimed. Claim after 20:30", I don't think there is any problem. Check this from official website:

"Revenue for the Clan War:

You can find the Clan Officer to confirm the results of the Clan War.
The time for the Clan War is 21:00 to 20:30(the next day), everyday.
After the Clan War is over, the occupying Clan can claim their revenue. Only the Clan Leader can claim the revenue from the Clan Guide."

CindyZ 07-28-2010 19:57

Thanks for your PM, PINOYRULES. Nice to hear that your members all received the exp that you should have. Thread closed.

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