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jacksonp 08-12-2009 21:28

MoonBox quest quick question
one of the guidelines on the conquer quest site is:

vi. If you happen to be teleported to Death tactic, you will be told by the Guardian God and the Ghost. If you do not have the six tokens, you cannot leave here until you die (you will lose items if you die, and if you log off, you will re-spawn at the same spot).

when it says you will lose items if u die, is it referring to ur EQUIPPED items or just ur inventory crap like potions and maybe some city scrolls?

ilikestuff 08-12-2009 21:33

It refers to items in your inventory eg scrolls, potions, command tokens etc. Locked equipment in your inventory won't drop.

jacksonp 08-12-2009 22:28

NPCs: Fortuneteller (Wind Plain 340,720), Maggie (in quest map 19,19), Guardian God (in quest map 204,149), Ghost (in quest map 8,67), Lonely Ghost (in quest map ???,???)

can someone tell me how to get to this WIND PLAIN map
and how do I get to QUEST MAP?

help is appreciated!! ><

jacksonp 08-12-2009 22:34

lol oops windplain is just outside tc, and quest map is teleported into from fortune teller.
sorry i didnt read carefully

Cagd 08-12-2009 22:41

Its to the far left corner of Robins, if you talk to conducter to go to AC and Jump up to cordinates will see hut and Fortuneteller standing infront of it.

jacksonp 08-12-2009 22:53

I got in, but how do i get out if i get tired of this quest?!?!

Cagd 08-12-2009 22:55

if you have token talk to ghost at top left corner, if you dont have token its time to die.

jacksonp 08-12-2009 22:55

What if my defense is too high? and if i unequip my super wear, it will drop...what to do?

IluminatI 08-12-2009 23:06

if its locked it wont drop. if it isn locked. then lock it b4 u take it off and commit suicide lol.;)

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